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Certified Contractor Program 

Operating since 2005 with hundreds of vendors worldwide

With USPA Nationwide Security, your company gains a worldwide marketing reach. You’ll enjoy uninterrupted cash flow for larger contracts, payroll assistance when we subcontract a large contract to you, and our industry success. With our certified contractor program, your company is operating 100% as an independent certified contractor of USPA Nationwide Security. A quick application is all it takes to start receiving qualified contracts in your area as we receive them. You’ll have the ability to tap into the resources of one of the most trusted security guard companies in the world since 2005.

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Gets the Job

Leads are generated utilizing various USPA Nationwide marketing avenues; then


We handle the paperwork

Our business team, drafts a contract, collects the money from the client, provides insurance certificates to the client; then


We dispatch our Certified Contractor for that Area

We contact our USPA Nationwide Certified Contractor who operates in that particular area; then


You send your Guard(s)

You staff the contract. You bill USPA Nationwide.


We Pay You

The contractually agreed upon funds are directly deposited into your business account via our pre-determined method every week.


How to become a USPA Nationwide Certified Contractor:

:: Your company must have an established legal business filing. (Corp, LLC etc...)
:: Must be licensed, bonded and insured where necessary
:: Must complete the Certified Contractor Application
:: Your company must be accepted into the program and meet other established requirements
:: Your company must execute a sub-contractor agreement with USPA Nationwide
:: Must comply with all USPA Nationwide General Orders when necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a franchise opportunity?

A: NO. you are operating as a sub-contractor.

Q: Do I share my profits in any way with USPA Nationwide or any other entity?

A: NO. you are paid directly by uspa nationwide as a sub-contractor. rates are pre-determined by contract between your company and uspa nationwide prior to commencement of this program. (prices are subject to change as terms change, such as billable hours, the need for weapons, patrol vehicles, etc.)

Q: Am I liable to USPA Nationwide for other contracts that USPA Nationwide did not refer to me?

A: NO. you are never sending any revenue to uspa nationwide.

Q: Does USPA Nationwide guarantee contracts?

A: NO. we cannot guarantee a quantity of contracts.

Q: What are the rates for Program Membership?

A: NO. there is No Fee. (as of November 1, 2006)

Q: I am interested in operating my own USPA Nationwide Security Brach. How do I apply?


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