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Chico, California Fire Watch Service

Chico, California Fire Watch Service

The problem with home security is that it’s difficult to know how secure your house really is at any given moment.

Our Nationwide Security Fire Watch Service solves this problem by providing you with 24/7 monitoring of your property and immediate response in the event of a fire or other emergency. We will also notify you if there are intruders on the premises, which could be an indication of a larger safety issue. 

Firewatch Company Chico

By signing up for our Nationwide Security Fire Watch Service, we can keep tabs on your home while you’re away from it so that you don’t have to worry about what might happen when you’re not around. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that our professional security guards are watching over everything inside and outside your house at all times, including windows and doors as well as gardens and pools.

Fires are scary. Especially when you have a family to protect and valuables to save. 

Emergency Dispatch Fire Protection Service CA

But, what if I told you that there was an affordable way for your business or home to be protected 24/7 against fire hazards?

USPA Nationwide Security Fire Watch Service is the leading provider of on-site security guards in all 50 states and 16 countries around the world. We provide affordable protection against fires, theft, vandalism, intruders and more. Our fire watch services are available nationwide with fully trained security professionals ready for immediate dispatch anywhere in the country. Call (800) 214–1448 today to learn more about our cost effective fire watch service!

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