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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is the forensic investigation and analysis of digital artifacts on a computer’s hard drive (or within various other similar media – such as CD’s, floppy disks, etc.) for evidentiary purposes.  

Our Computer Forensic Specialists are all certified in performing computer forensics techniques and have also been trained and certified in the use of specific forensic equipment, hardware and software.  They were all seasoned investigators and former law enforcement officers prior to specializing in the field of forensics and have experience in a wide variety of case types, which we believe are necessary requirements of our Specialists.  They will be able to coordinate and assist with the next step of investigation in coordination with law enforcement and/or a private investigation firm. 

Our Specialists are active members of various internationally recognized associations, such as, the High Technology Crime Investigators Association, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and Information Systems Audit and Control Association. Some of our Specialists are additionally trained in “specialty” fields of computer forensics, such as computer fraud and financial crimes. 

Data Recovery 

Our Forensic Specialists are also capable of retrieving digital information from a failed hard disk drive, corrupted DVD or CD, or other form of digital media. Our clients range from single users to Fortune 500 companies.  We receive hard drives from all over the world.  

Our Forensic Specialists use a forensic methodology when performing recoveries from hard drives, floppy disks, or other types of digital media. When necessary, we clone your media and work from the cloned copy. This minimizes the need to use the defective media and reduces the possibility of further damaging the failed media, which could lead to the permanent loss of your valuable data. We accomplish this cloning task through the use of sophisticated forensic hardware that creates a bit-by-bit copy of the failed media. 

We have a reputation of results within a 24-hour time frame and will work with you in the event recovery is needed in a shorter time period.

Data Transfer 

Our Data Transfer Services can get all of the files and folders that you want from your old hard drive onto your new one, in a structure that you designate.  Our flexible techniques will allow you to select only the data you want transferred to your new computer.

We can transfer all of your important files including your Documents and Settings, and your email files from Outlook and Outlook Express.