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Executive Protection and Security Guard Service Star Island, Miami Beach FL

Executive Protection and Security Guard Service Star Island, Miami Beach FL

We offer fire watch service for less than half the price of what other companies charge! Our Miami security guards are background checked, licensed and insured. They’re also trained in CPR and first aid. We offer celebrity protection, executive protection and discreet bodyguard services by military trained security professionals.

Bodyguard Service Star Island (Miami Beach, FL)

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USPA Nationwide Security of Star Island, Miami Beach offers close protection officers for women and children, men, as well as executive protection agents. We offer armed guards with a variety of backgrounds in 50 states to 16 countries around the world – we protect valuables too! Services for women and children are provided free of charge in most cases, even on Star Island.

Event Security Company Star Island, Miami Beach FL

The USPA Nationwide Security team is a well-established, veteran owned company that strives to provide top quality armed security services at competitive prices. In addition to providing high level protection for people and their property in the form of highly trained bodyguards with extensive experience, they also offer round-the clock Fire Watch Services as an added measure against potential danger.

Star Island, Miami Beach Child Protection Security (Close Protection Officers)

They have had great success protecting women and children from violence around the world since 2005 when it was founded by retired military veterans who wanted better opportunities than what were available through government jobs or law enforcement agencies after returning home from combat zones overseas. Today we protect men too; although rates are reasonable due to our partnership with former law enforcement officers who can’t find work elsewhere because so many police departments have cut back

Security Guard Service Star Island, Miami FL

USPA Nationwide Security is a global security company that offers armed protection for people and businesses in more than 16 countries. They provide close protection officers, executive bodyguards, secure transport services to protect valuables on the go or at home–even during disasters like hurricanes and floods!

Executive Protection & Celebrity Security Star Island Miami Beach FL

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