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Fire Watch Services

USPA is the leading provider of fire watch guard services performed throughout the United States and abroad. We believe the essential obligation of every security guard on fire watch can be broken down into 5 important steps:

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Remaining alert and active on patrol are key ingredients to a successful fire watch. We understand every second counts, so we instruct our guards to patrol the premises every 15 minutes.


Sound the Alarm

During patrol if we detect fire, see or smell smoke we immediately sound the alarm alerting others to the potential dangers. If there is no alarm on the premises our guards are instructed to quickly inform and ask that everyone leave the hazardous area.



Our guards are in constant contact with our 24/7 dispatching unit. Within seconds from receiving the call we dispatch the police and fire department to the scene.


Help & Assist

Once the fire department and police officers reach the scene our job is to guide them to the fire and assist with anything they may need.


Report Writing

Documenting the incident accurately is very important and helpful to both the client and the police investigator. Our guards provide detailed reports of the incident from start to finish. Those reports are uploaded daily and shared.


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Watching For Fire In Los Angeles CA
Yes, we watch for possible fire out breaks full time with very little breaks, and we do it professionally

Does it sound strange? Maybe

Is it needed? Absolutely.

We at USPA Security take it upon ourselves to monitor possible fire out breaks at our clients’ location. Our OSHA Approved fire watch service Los Angeles CA do this round the clock and they are nothing short of heroic for doing this. Fire spreads pretty fast and once it gets to a threshold, there’s no going back. Even with the best fire and safety equipment, at the end of the day they are machines and are only as good as they are maintained. Our fire watch men will constantly be on the lookout for possible fire out breaks, they routinely check the fire and safety equipment and make periodic rounds in a day, they make multiple such rounds and inspect the efficacy of your fire and safety apparatus.

Do you really need a fire watch service Los Angeles CA?

A single fire could very well be the end of a prosperous business. Several thriving businesses have been brought to a halt due to one single catastrophic fire. As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure, we at USPA Security provide for our clients a set of highly qualified and thoroughly trained fire watch men. They analyze the clients commercial work space and try to find areas of possible fire outbreaks. These include but are not limited to machines that run up to high temperatures, combustible materials, wielding activities etc. Our trained fire watch men will look for such areas and routinely monitor them and the equipment around these areas to ensure that a fire does not break out in such areas. This form of a proactive and preventive approach to fire prevention drastically decreases the likelihood of a fire breaking out at your property and you can rest assured that trained fire watch men are always looking after your property and the safety of the lives of your employees.

Does your industry need a fire watch service Los Angeles CA?

Now that the importance of the job has been clearly explained, let’s now analyze if this job is required at your place of work. If your work place uses machinery that heats up to high temperatures or if you are in a work place where there is a possibility of combustible materials just lying around, then you urgently need a fire watch man. Similarly, if your industry has a history of fire out breaks and if you usually host a large number of people, then you need the service of a trained fire watch man.

If your industry fits into one or more of the above criteria’s then chances are that you are mandated by law to have a fire watch man at your premises. The OSHA guidelines are quite stringent when it comes to this role.

In conclusion, a fire watch service Los Angeles CA is essential to decreases the possibility of a fire breakout and for protecting the lives of your employees and the value of your business and property. Get in touch and we can talk you through the nitty-gritty of implementing this at your commercial work space.