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Fire Watch Service Opelika, Alabama Security and Armed Guard Service

Fire Watch Service Opelika, Alabama

You are a business owner or manager, and you want to make sure that your building is safe from fire.

Firewatch services can be expensive, often costing thousands of dollars per month. That’s why many businesses don’t have the proper safety measures in place to protect their property. 

USPA Nationwide Fire Watch Service of Alabama provides affordable fire watch services for commercial properties across the state of Alabama. We offer competitive rates with no long-term contracts, so you only pay for what you need when you need it! Call (800) 214-1448 or email today to request an instant quote on our professional fire watch service! 

Security Guard Service Opelika, AL

You need security for your business, but you don’t know how to hire a licensed security guard company. 

Hiring an unlicensed security service is like getting in a car with someone who has no driver’s license. Will they get there? Maybe, maybe not. 

USPA Nationwide Security provides bonded and licensed Alabama guards that are fully trained and insured to protect your home or business property 24 hours a day 7 days per week. We have the best prices on private security services in Alabama because we own our dispatch center which allows us to pass savings onto our clients. If you are looking for armed guards or unarmed guards call 800-214-1448 today!

Armed Bodyguard Opelika AL

Your business is at risk of being attacked by a disgruntled employee, angry customer or even an outside threat. 

You need to protect your staff and assets from harm, but you don’t want to pay for overpriced security service providers who can’t keep up with the latest trends in personal protection.

USPA Nationwide Security Armed Bodyguard Services has been providing executive protection services since 2005. Our team of highly trained armed bodyguards will provide you with professional close proximity protection that keeps your employees safe and secure while they’re on the job and traveling around town.. Call (800) 214-1448 or email today for a free consultation about how we can help you stay safe! 

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