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Fire Watch Service Portland, Oregon


Fire Watch Service Portland, Oregon

Firewatch is a serious business, but it’s also an important service that must be done right. 

Most fire watch companies out there are “fly-by-night” operations with no experience or training. When you need your fire guard to show up at 3am and they’re not the real deal, it can put your company in danger of fines and even lawsuits.

USPA Nationwide Fire Watch Company has been providing top quality fire guards for decades. We’ve served local businesses as well as national chains across 50 states since 2005, so we know how to keep our clients safe from fires while protecting their property from damage caused by smoke and water loss during emergency situations like power failures or natural disasters like floods or hurricanes. By using us for your next fire watch project you’ll receive expert customer service agents who will help answer any questions about our services and provide quotes on timeframes needed for job completion (we offer 24/7 coverage). Call us today (800) 214-1448.

Firewatch Company Portland

Fires can cause a lot of damage and disrupt business. They require immediate attention, but you may not have the time to stay on top of things yourself.

In order to keep your fire watch service running smoothly, it is important that you find a reliable company who provides experienced guards for emergency services.

USPA Nationwide Security & Fire Watch Service offers 24/7 emergency fire watch solutions in all 50 states at an affordable price. Our guards are licensed and insured nationwide with extensive training for this type of work. We will dispatch a guard within 30 minutes if there is a fire or any other situation requiring immediate attention from our qualified staff members. Dial (800) 214-1448 or email to get started today!

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