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Fire Watch Service Rochester, NY


Emergency Fire Watch Service Rochester, NY

New York State’s 3rd largest city Rochester is a great place to live in. Nicknamed ‘The Flower City’ has a small-town feel comforting its significant population. And to make the residents feel even safer USPA Nationwide Security has established an emergency firewatch service division Rochester, NY. This with the emergency center has a 24-hour call center facility with a back alert system. There is also an adequate number of technical and support staff always present to answer alerts at a moment’s notice.  All our Rochester, NY fire watch guards and fire safety directors are licensed and insured as well as fire marshal approved as per the ruling of the National Fire Prevention Association, which USPA is a part of. 

Fire Guard Services Rochester, NY (Firewatch Guards)

Our dedicated unit of fire watch guards aka  Fire guards in Rochester, NY employs professionally trained officers for specialized jobs like fire watch service in case your fire suppression system is out; or to handle hot work or welding fire watch where fire guards are needed as per the building codes or the fire marshal command; or in case of fire around towns such as during civil unrest, forest fires, or some natural disaster.

USPA maintains a roster of over 1800 certified firewatch guards all over the United States. This large number of fire watch guards and fire safety directors make it possible for us to reach any site of emergency within 60 minutes.

Hot Work Fire Watch Service Rochester, NY

USPA provides the best hot work and welding fire watch services in Rochester, NY.  Our top-notch service and well-experienced crew members are all available for an extremely affordable price for the locals of Rochester, NY.

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