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Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. Announces its New Leadership

Kingsman, a non-profit aimed at Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence Against Women and Children announces its new Board of Directors and Advisors

OCTOBER 30, 2020 // MIAMI – Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. is a special initiative which supports women and children and is dedicated in the battle against domestic violence, human trafficking, abduction of women and children and providing basic necessities to victims of such horrendous crimes as well as single mothers all around the world.

Kingsman operators have rescued hundreds of women and children. In recent times, they saved a mother and her daughters from an abusive and dangerous father to provide them with a better life. In other cases, they have provided security and a moving crew to help assaulted women escape a dangerous situation at home.

With the recent formation of a non-profit, Kingsman has selected their board members and advisors. Each person brings a certain specialty, such as experience fighting human trafficking, training security personnel to protect women and children, to overcoming life-long struggles. Meet the new Kingsman Philanthropic Corp members.

Michael Evans – Executive Director

Michael Evans started Kingsman in 2005. For 15 years, he dedicated his time and money to helping women and children all over the world with abduction support, human trafficking rescues and domestic violence assistance. Michael is a recent inductee of the Marquis, Who’s Who in America, a list spanning back to 1899 of accomplished Americans. Evans is also a published author in the genre of self-development and has been on the Amazon bestseller list twice since 2015. Since 2005, prior the official formation of Kingsman Philanthropic Corp., he donated a large portion of his salary and profits, as well as all of the income from his books, directly to his Kingsman Service. Michael has a law enforcement background and is currently pursuing his Juris Doctorate.

Sondae Esposito – Senior Vice President

Sondae is currently Executive Vice President of USPA International Security, responsible to oversee many aspects of USPA’s day-to-day operations. Sondae supervises our Security Managers on several continents and manages their recruitment divisions.  Additionally, she represents USPA International in key relationships, both domestic and abroad, focused on security solutions for critical infrastructure, disaster recovery, anti-kidnapping as well as traditional security services. An entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in business operations, security and real estate industries, Esposito brings unmatched technical leadership and operational expertise to the USPA brand.

Esposito studied business at Cameron University and received her Close Protection Officer certification from USPA’s Kingsman Training Center in 2007. Sondae is also a financial backer as well as an active leader in Kingsman.

Jane Oster – Board Member

Co-founder and President of The Gedenk Movement, a non-profit organization that runs creative programs to promote tolerance to the youth.  Jane is also a producer and has been producing documentary and feature films for the last decade. She has produced, or executive produced films such as A CALL FOR HELP, EDEN, and THE BIRTH OF A NATION, one of the highest selling films in Sundance history. At Phiphen, she produced the upcoming films, CENTIGRADE, starring Vincent Piazza, being released by IFC, THE GOD COMMITTEE, starring Kelsey Grammer, Julia Stiles, and Colman Domingo, which was an official selection of the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival and BRIGHTON BEACH, starring FKA Twigs. Oster is an Executive Producer on the upcoming major motion picture STOWAWAY, starring Anna Kendrick and Toni Collette, and worked on the Emmy-nominated Netflix comedy series IT’S BRUNO.

Christina Turner – Director of Outreach (Volunteer)

Christina grew up on Long Island. She graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling. Currently lives in Huntington Beach, California, working for Circuit Riders, a missions organization. Has had a passion to fight human trafficking and fight for women since she started fundraising to build a safe home in the Philippines at age 12.  She got to do ministry work in Las Vegas for five years, a hub for human trafficking in our nation. During that time, she got to speak to women about their worth, partnered with Nevada Child Seekers to look for missing kids at risk to be trafficked and got to see several women leave prostitution.

Scott Velazquez – Training Advisor (Volunteer)

Scott Velazquez is a training advisor at Kingsman.  He is a retired New York City Second Grade Detective. Lead Detective for Human Trafficking/Child Exploitation investigations within the NYPD/FBI Child Exploitation Human Trafficking Task Force. Prior to the Task Force, Scott performed undercover work and investigated Human Trafficking/Child Exploitation cases within the NYPD Major Case Human Trafficking Team. Throughout his fifteen-year career investigating these types of cases, Scott utilized new, unique and innovative methods to rescue/recover victims and apprehend their traffickers. He worked many high-profile cases with the FBI/HSI and successfully lead or participated in thousands of Human Trafficking/Child Exploitation investigations/rescues. Scott is also a member of the Nationwide Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Denida Zinxhiria Grow – Training Advisor (Volunteer)

Founder and CEO of Athena Worldwide, Athena Academy, whose mission is to educate and empower women in personal security and promote female bodyguards, and Nannyguards a security service geared toward protecting children. She is an experienced Protection Specialist, Security Consultant and Instructor with 18 active years in the private sector. She has been operating in different countries and cultures and has managed security teams of all sizes. She uses her personal experience as an Executive Protection Operative and Security Consultant to help others learn what it takes to master the ins and outs of the Security Industry and empower women in the security industry. Denida also holds a BSc in Counseling and Psychology. She has contributed as a private investigator and skip tracing investigator for different Law Firms, Financial Institutions and anti-trafficking organizations. She is committed to professionalism, confidentiality and helping others create a safer environment for their families.

Sandra Simone – Board Member

Sandra Simone was born in Morocco and spent her childhood in the New York City projects with her parents and five siblings, living in a two-bedroom apartment, sleeping in bunk beds stacked like dominos. Though life was filled with struggles and uncertainty, she never felt empty or worthless. She always knew she was loved and that she had the choice to win or lose, despite all obstacles. Sandra chose to win, turning her passion and zest for life into a multi-million-dollar career as a singer-songwriter, fashion designer, CEO and mother. “We are all born with the same potential. What we decide to do with it is our responsibility,” says Sandra, who considers her journey like a vibrant lotus flower, emerging from dark water. Never forgetting her humble beginnings, Sandra channels the power from her own personal pain and triumphs, inspiring people with her compassion and unrelenting desire to make a difference in their lives, and the world.