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Worldwide reach utilizing local assets. It took 13+ years to assemble our network of security contractors, employees, certified contractors, licensees and vendors to deliver on time and reliable security services.

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Operating in 14 countries, USPA International can be on site, at times, within 60 minutes. USPA Nationwide operates in all 50 states and can be on site with a same day guarantee. This guarantee pertains to Security Guards and Bodyguards as well as Surveillance Operators.

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USPA has trained Emergency Firewatch Personnel. Most of our Fire watch Guards are off duty Fire Fighters who are experienced and ready to work when disaster strikes or your fire suppression system is temporarily down.

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    Having a checklist is a great way to stay on track when making a big decision such as when choosing who to hire for your security needs. If you are considering hiring armed guards Miami Beach FL you may find it necessary to check your available options against a checklist. This way, you’ll be able to decide whether we, at USPA International, meet all your needs.  This is a list of things you should look out for when hiring security guards.

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    Licensing and certification
    We always use guards who are licensed and certified. The last thing you want is to have someone who is not licensed to provide security services handling the security of your family or business. Such a guard may turn out to be the problem himself. At USPA International, all our guards undergo the Certified Contractor Program before being allowed to provide security services.

    Professional experienceExperienced security guards Miami Beach FL have been in the business long enough to understand security threats and learn how to respond to them appropriately and instantly. While it does not mean that security guards who have freshly ventured into the field are less competent, it always puts your mind at ease to know that you are protected by people who have seen it all, or almost. USPA International engages the services of security professionals who have been in the business of providing security for a long time, including retired policemen.

    Security guards must interact with people in their daily tasks. It is important to make sure that the armed guards Miami Beach FL you get have interpersonal skills and are therefore able to interact well and freely with your customers as they provide you with security. A good security guard understands the importance of treating everybody courteously. Keeping a cool head regardless of the situation is necessary when handling security situations. We do not just train our guards on how to handle firearms, security threats and security issues. We focus also on their interpersonal skills.Excellent verbal skills

    A guard who is able to articulate himself is to be treasured when it comes to security. The guards provided by USPA International; the top security guard company Miami Beach FL are able to clearly communicate with everybody. Remember, a security guard is an authority figure. You want someone who will command authority when they speak, not someone who will be a source of amusement at the expense of your security. At USPA International, we go one step further and ensure our guards are multilingual.Services: Firewatch, Armed Security Guards, Security Officers, Bodyguards and Close Protection. Highly trained and well-versed in technologyCriminals have gotten smarter. It goes without saying that our security guards Miami Beach FL must therefore ensure they outsmart them in all arenas. With the advancement in technology, criminals have discovered new, faster and easier ways of committing crime. Competent security guards must always be a step ahead as far as technological advancements in the security field are concerned. A good security guard is highly trained in identifying security problems and coming up with or applying the subsequent solutions. This is what we strive to ensure at USPA International. Depending on your security needs, this checklist may be longer than this. It is up to you to determine what is important to you as far as choosing a security guard company Miami Beach FL is concerned. For security guards who meet these criteria and more,  give USPA International a call today.

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    All Florida Security Guard Services are performed by licensed and insured security officers of our partner security company, IEP.

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