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Safe Rooms

Safe Rooms for Homes

Our Panic Room Division is part of our total security package that we currently offer to our clients on 7 continents. We build safe rooms, also known as hard rooms, which are bulletproof, bomb proof and fireproof rooms; a sort of hidden tank within the walls of your home. Equipped with fresh air, cameras and communication devices, food and of course, ballistic walls to protect your family during an attack. We also build nuclear shelters for homes, business and embassies.

Temporary Hard Rooms

We have been building hard rooms and temporary hard rooms for diplomatic clientele across the world since 2005. A hard room can be set up in a hotel when the principal is coming to town. A hard room serves as an escape when an attack is occurring or imminent. Our temporary hard rooms are ballistic walls, with fresh air systems. We construct them in a few hours.  

Ballistic Walls for Schools

Our modular safe room ensures there is only minimum impact on the home environment whilst providing maximum protection from potential felony, kidnap or assault. It is our aim to prevent loss of life in any educational establishment by implementing safe rooms and safe areas for pupils and teachers to shelter in the event of a shooter entering the premises. We carry out a ‘threat assessment survey’, free of charge, expertly analyze the findings and present a custom solution.

Corporate Safe Rooms

In times of growing uncertainty, a safe room is essential for protecting executives, employees, vulnerable and lone workers. Our room is modular and has scalable levels of security. It can be deployed quickly and efficiently worldwide to certify that ever-changing threat levels in different locations can be met.

We have more than 15 years of references and reviews for safe rooms, nuclear shelters and temporary hard rooms on 7 continents.

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Safe Rooms by USPA Nationwide Security and Panic Room USA

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Safe Rooms for New York City

USPA Nationwide Security’s NYC Safe Rooms service operating in Manhattan, Westchester and in New York City. Ballistic Rooms and safe rooms in New York.

Hong Kong Safe Rooms Company

Our Hong Kong safe room design and installation operating in Hing Kong, China. Utilized by the top billionaires in the world, our safe rooms design service has references listed in the Forbes Top 200 Billionaires.

Moscow Safe Rooms Service

The Moscow Safe Rooms Unit protects billionaire estates in Moscow, Russia. Fireproof, Bulletproof Rooms in Moscow.

Beijing Safe Rooms Companies

In Beijing, China, our Safe Rooms protects China’s most affluent residents in their homes.

London Estate Protection Services

USPA protects London Mansions and Estates. Our Safe Rooms Service in London has been utilized by London’s elite.

Shanghai Safe Rooms

In Shanghai, our Panic Room Company operates with China’s most advanced Safe Rooms teams.

Shenzhen China Safe Room Company

Shenzhen, China Safe Rooms service, serving China’s largest Mansions.

Mumbai, India Home Safe Rooms

In Mumbai, India, our safe rooms serve families living in India’s most famous mansions.

San Francisco Residential Safe Room

In San Francisco, CA, USPA protects California’s most impressive estates with bulletproof rooms.

Singapore Safe Room

Our Singapore safe room design and installation has been operating in Singapore, serving Forbes Top Billionaires.