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Security Guard Services Amsterdam, Netherlands

Security Guard Services Amsterdam, Netherlands

USPA Nationwide Security provides premium security guard services and security management solutions to the residents and tourists of Amsterdam. USPA comes with years of experience in personal & close protection for Businesses; perimeter cordons or premises security management for public and private events; and building security for residential and commercial complexes.

We offer traditional security guard and watchmen services, we also offer an elaborate electronic surveillance system for remote and electronic security; and armored vehicles and/or Executive cars with security escorts for travelers, business owners and citizens of this European capital.

Armed Security Guard Company Amsterdam, Netherlands

USPA provides top notch armed security service in Amsterdam. Our armed security personnel are all certified and licensed, with of on field experience running high risk security details, protocol duties and/or a background in law enforcement. USPA Armed Security Guards Company in Amsterdam is highly skilled and well-equipped to provide armed security, infrastructure security and emergency security services during natural disasters or criminal hazards.

Fire Watch Service Amsterdam, Netherlands

USPA’s Firewatch Division in Amsterdam is a fully manned operation with state-of-the-art fire marshal approved and insurance company approved equipment, Fire Guards and a 24/7 customer service center.; offering hot work fire watch and emergency fire guard services. There is also a fully maintained call center, operating 24 hours a day and with a backup system for missed calls so that no alert ever goes amiss.

 USPA’s expertise and efficiency makes it the best Fire Service in Amsterdam that can be on site in less than 60 minutes.

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