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Security Guard Services Antalya, Turkey

Security Guard Services Antalya, Turkey    

Antalya is one of the biggest cities in Turkey with about 2 million people. USPA Nationwide Security Service brings executive security management solutions to this popular tourist destination on the southwestern coast of Turkey. USPA Nationwide Security Guards Service in Antalya is the perfect solution to all the security needs in this Mediterranean metropolis.

USPA Security Guards Service Division Antalya offers highly skilled residential security, business and offices security watch, public and private event security, loss prevention, professionally trained bodyguard services, close protection services, and highly secure executive transportation facility for the residents and the tourist alike.  

Armed Security Officers Antalya, Turkey

The USPA only uses certified and licensed Armed Security Officers with years of on-field experience. The majority of our armed security officials in Antalya are ex-servicemen, law enforcement agents, and licensed Armed Security Guards; easily making us the best-armed security service in Antalya. USPA Nationwide Security operates with a network of security contractors and licensed professionals worldwide, with a combined experience of over 30 years.

Fire Watch Service Antalya, Turkey  

USPA runs a fully staffed Firewatch Service in Antalya, with Fire Marshal approved and insurance company approved firemen, fireguards, and emergency fire watch service.  Our Call center has the most efficient customer service with a backup system to never miss a call. It is a 24-hour facility staffed with efficient technical staff including Licensed Firemen and Fire Guards for hot firework, fire watch, and emergency fire watch service.

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