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Security Guard Services Athens, Greece

Security Guard Services Athens, Greece  

The USPA Security Guards services in Athens are one of the finest as well as economical security services in this European capital. USPA offers elite Security Guard and watchmen services in Athens, top-notch Event security and premises security for any public or private events in Athens.

For all your residential/building security, office security, and loss prevention services in Athens, you need to look no further than USPA Nationwide Security. We also provide trained bodyguards anywhere in Athens, close protection services and highly secure executive transportation facilities to tourists feel safe and locals feel relaxed.

Armed Security Officers Athens, Greece

USPA provides excellent security management solutions, inflexible, and customizable ways, as per the needs of clients, be it for businesses, tourism, events, or residents.  We provide certified armed security officers for executive security with years of on-field experience in law enforcement. USPA Armed security guards service is one of our specialized divisions. Being one of the most reliable armed security services in Athens, USPA runs regular training sessions to keep our security services up to date and ready to take on any security challenges.

Fire Watch Service Athens, Greece  

USPA’s emergency Firewatch service in Athens is a fully staffed facility with a diligent call center that works 24/7 to answer any emergency alerts across the city. USPA Fire Service in Athens is equipped with fire marshal approved and insurance company approved equipment and firemen.  Our technical staff includes licensed firemen and fire guards for firework, fire watch, and emergency fire watch service. With our efficient system, we can usually be on-site in 60 minutes or less. All security guard services are performed by either USPA International employees, operating under License Number 11000121895 or Certified Contractors Companies or Trademark Licensees holding the necessary license to operate in their respective area of operation.

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