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Worldwide reach utilizing local assets. Since 2005, we’ve been assembling a network of security contractors, employees, certified contractors, licensees and vendors to deliver on time and reliable security services

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Operating in 14 countries, USPA International can be on site, at times, within 60 minutes. USPA Nationwide operates in all 50 states and can be on site with a same day guarantee. This guarantee pertains to Security Guards and Bodyguards as well as Surveillance Operators.

Fire Watch California

USPA has trained Emergency Firewatch Personnel. Most of our Fire watch Guards are off duty Fire Fighters who are experienced and ready to work when disaster strikes or your fire suppression system is temporarily down.

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Hire Reliable Security Guards California
When you hire a Security Guard Service Company California you entrust your safety and that of your company or family with security guards from the said company. This is a huge undertaking and you may feel jittery at first, naturally. It is only natural to worry about opening up such a sensitive docket of your life or company to other people. Knowing how to identify whether the security guards provided are competent is a good step towards relaxing your mind. Once you know that your safety and security is in good hands, you will have peace of mind. At USPA International, we only work with the best security guards.

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Our security guards California meets several criteria.

They are highly trained security officers

Good security guards must undergo thorough training, and regularly, to ensure they are at par with the most recent advancements in the field of security provision. At USPA International, we ensure all our guards are highly trained to deal with different security situations and also to operate different security equipment. We keep our guards abreast of the constantly changing technologies in the security field.

Fire Watch Guards San Francisco CA

It is not enough to just be well-trained. Experience is important too. When seeking a security guard company California, the best option is to choose the company that has been in the business for a long time. At USPA International, we have security guards who have spent many years providing security to different individuals, corporates and even government agencies. As such, they are able to apply past knowledge and experience to current situations.

Bodyguard Services Bay Area California

A company that is in the business of providing good security guards California understands the importance of specialization. When one is specialized, they are able to focus their expertise in one field. At USPA International, we provide guards who have specialized in various areas. This way, depending on your needs we can allocate you the most suitable guards.

Security Watchmen San Francisco California

This may sound contradictory to the prior point but in reality, it is not. What this means is that even though you want armed guards California who are highly specialized in various fields, you also want someone who can deal with security situations as they arise. A good security guard is able to respond to any situation appropriately, regardless of their specialty. And this is what we train our guards to do.

Gone are the days when security guards were expected to be crude and unprofessional. Hiring security guards for your company means that those guards will be the face of your company when interacting with clients, customers and visitors. It is therefore important that the guards treat the people who interact with your company professionally and courteously. Our security guards are trained to not only provide security but also to relate courteously with everybody.

If you are in California and hoping to get the best security team in California, then USPA International is the company to call. We provide you with well-trained and experienced armed guards California for your protection.

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