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Security Guard Services Las Vegas, Nevada

Security Guard Services Las Vegas, Nevada 

Try your luck in Las Vegas, and secure it with USPA Nationwide Security.

Since 2005, USPA Nationwide Security services have been in business. We focus on delivering high-quality Executive security management services and electronic security solutions to protect your assets, your money, and your life in Las Vegas Nevada. 

USPA Nationwide Security offers highly professional Bodyguard services in Las Vegas for close protection. Our secure transportation services include executive vehicles and armored vehicles in Las Vegas, along with security escorts for safe travels in the city

USPA also provides highly professional and effective premises and event Security Services in Las Vegas for your frequently visited tourist attractions.

Armed Security Guard Company Las Vegas, Nevada

USPA nationwide security services provide elite Armed Security Guard Company in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have a substantial force of certified armed security guards to assure protection for local businesses. With our extensive, decades-long experience in conducting high-risk security details all over the world; USPA has the advantage of working with local municipalities and businesses to effectively provide pathfinding services and critical infrastructure security against natural and man-made disasters and criminal attacks.

Fire Watch Service Las Vegas, Nevada 

USPA offers effective and professional Firewatch services in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our emergency fire services department is staffed fire marshal approved and insurance company approved Fire Watch Service, in case of a fire hazard anywhere in Las Vegas. From hot work fire watch to emergency fireguard services, USPA has an adequately staffed Firewatch service in Las Vegas that can be on-site in less than 60 minutes.  All security guard services are performed by either USPA International employees, operating under License Number 11000121895 or Certified Contractors Companies or Trademark Licensees holding the necessary license to operate in their respective area of operation.

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