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Security Guard Services Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Security Guard Services Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia is one of the most prestigious places in the world. The rule of law is exemplary in the city however, personal security guards and bodyguards are a matter of choice for businesses to add an extra layer of security to their business operations. USPA Nationwide Security offers its decades of experience in the field of security services in Mecca as well to create a lucrative environment for businesses to run seamlessly and securely in the city.

We have highly trained Security Guards for your homes, businesses, and public areas. We also offer secure transportation with security escort services for international travelers, and tourists, local residents, and businesses.

Security Guard Company Mecca, Saudi Arabia

USPA Nationwide Security offers security guards service in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Although the city is home to pilgrims and does not require hard core personal security however, businesses, shopping malls and other public areas may need to enhance their security protocols which calls for security guards and other security guard services.  

Our security services are certified and appoint competent security guards with extensive experience of working on high-risk security details. The city attracts masses of pilgrims on Hajj (a religious event) and also round the year. USPA has the edge of blending in with local government to effectively provide pathfinding services and critical infrastructure security against natural and man-made disasters, unrest, criminal activities, and other hazards.

Fire Watch Service Mecca, Saudi Arabia

USPA Nationwide security offers firemen and firewatch services which are all insurance company approved.

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