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Security Guard Services Medina, Saudi Arabia

Security Guard Services Medina, Saudi Arabia

One of the safest and most peaceful cities on earth, Medina is like a heaven on earth for the Muslim pilgrims. The city attracts thousands of pilgrims round the year and houses several hotels, motels, shopping malls, and resorts for their residence, dining, and shopping sprees. If you are a business based in Medina or an individual living there and looking for cost-effective security solutions in Medina, please look no further. USPA Nationwide Security has you covered there.

USPA Nationwide Security’s premium security guard services are open to all businesses, persons, and public areas around the city.  We also offer specialized security management services, bodyguard services, personal escorts, executive protection agents, or close protection services in Medina.

Armed Security Guard Services Medina, Saudi Arabia

USPA Nationwide Security has a team of highly skilled security officers on board who are trained to handle arms and act attentively and vigilantly to the crisis. We aim to become the most reliable armed security guard company in Medina for critical infrastructure security and other business security services.

Our clients are our focus. We, therefore, work with the best of our resources, professionals, and skills to provide a completely safe and secure environment to our clients so they can resume their business activities actively with greater confidence and peace of mind.   

Fire Watch Service Buenos Medina, Saudi Arabia

USPA’s firewatch division Medina offers mandatory fire watch services in the city including the hot work fire watch and emergency fireguard services during fire incidents. Our fire guards can meticulously perform hot work fire watch and emergency fire watch service.

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