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Security Guard Services Mumbai, India

Security Guard Services Mumbai, India

India’s Alpha world city Mumbai has the greatest number of millionaires in India and comes with the security demands that only a highly populated city may recognize.

USPA’s Security Guard Services in Mumbai, are committed to rendering the highest level of security service. We have assembled a team of highly qualified, certified and well-groomed security guards, Bodyguards and security watchmen who are trained to handle a diverse array of security situations

USPA also provides a highly secure executive transportation service with security escorts as well as Event Security services for all the public and private gatherings in Mumbai. 

Armed Security Guard Company Mumbai, India

USPA Armed Security Guard Division in Mumbai India is one of the most highly experienced armed security services. Our Armed security professionals are not just experts in the field but also exhibit good professional ethics and behavior. Their training and experience allow them to be fully prepared to take on the challenges professionally and efficiently.

We also have the edge of networking with local government to effectively provide pathfinding services as well as critical infrastructure security against natural and artificial disasters, riots, crimes, and other emergencies.

Fire Watch Service Mumbai, India 

USPA Firewatch Division in Mumbai is a well-organized and highly qualified fire department. Our round the clock call center works with a backup call system to never miss an alert. Our fire services are all fire marshal approved and insurance company approved. From hot work fire watch to emergency fireguard services, we can be on-site in less than 60 minutes, even in a city as populated and crowded as Mumbai.

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