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Security Guard Services Pattaya, Thailand

Security Guard Services Pattaya, Thailand

Security risks are everywhere. In every part of the world, there is a need of professional security services for various reasons. Pattaya, Thailand is a major tourist’s attraction and also home to several businesses. USPA’s security guard services in Pattaya are one of the professional security services that ensure complete safety, security and reliability to its clients.

USPA offers professional security guards services in Pattaya, Thailand to manage the security needs of businesses, and individuals alike. Our security guards are trained to act vigilantly in times of social unrest or a natural disaster and employ their physical and mental capabilities to protect our clients from any potential damage.

Armed Security Guards Company Pattaya, Thailand

USPA Nationwide Security’s Armed security guards service is one of our specialized divisions. We are available for service 24/7 in Pattaya, Thailand and offer verified, and trained armed security guards who are tactful in covering you against security risks and in the crises and high-security situations.

Our Armed security guards, unarmed security officers, event security, loss prevention, security watchmen, firewatch service, bodyguards, close protection services, secure transport and traditional security guard services are utilized by thousands of clients worldwide.

Fire Watch Service Pattaya, Thailand

USPA Nationwide Security holds a backup call center for emergency calls and missed calls. Hence we never miss a call and dispatch our staff immediately in emergency situations. Our Fire Watch service in Pattaya is staffed by licensed Fire Guards for hot work fire watch and emergency firewatch service. We also offer periodic fire watch services to properties which are not covered for firewatch services by the owners or authorities.

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