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Security Guard Services Singapore

Security Guard Services Singapore

Security Guards Services are among the primary necessities a business requires in order to work in a fully secure environment. If you are a business operating in Singapore and you need professional security guards, bodyguards, executive protection agents, or armed security guards for your corporate security requirements then please look no further. USPA is here to furnish your requirements. We are a global company providing expert security guards services around the globe.

We have licensed professionals, working under the respective authorities to provide security guards services, armed security guards services, fire watch services, bodyguard services in Singapore.

Armed Security Guards Company Singapore

Armed Security Guards have to have the eye for risk and high-level security training to mitigate and counter risks to the individuals they are hired upon. Our executive protection agents and armed security guards are well-equipped with arms and skill to use them in the face of unprecedented risk and incidents. They can even help in countering the impact of natural and other disasters.

Fire Watch Service Singapore

Fire watch service in Singapore is offered by USPA through a team of professional fire watchers who are trained to find the weak or vulnerable areas in any premises and look for the risks that are yet to surface.  USPA knows how risky the fire business is. Therefore, we offer completely manual patrolling, fire checking, and proactive fire mitigating solutions to avoid any unpleasant incidents of a fire breakout and consequent damages.  We can reach your site in 60 minutes. Please call us to book an appointment with our firewatcher service to avoid any impending harm to your property.

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