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International security services giant, USPA continues to invest in talents within the West African continent’s governmental infrastructure with Private Policing and Close Protection Services.

Freetown, Sierra Leone – USPA International re-launched its already established governmental security branch (USPA International of Sierra Leone) to now include private security for the general public and businesses.

This is part of USPA’s plan to provide employment to local security contractors in Sierra Leone. USPA is slated to hire up to 100 new security contractors this month in Sierra Leone for positions in the private sector, which is a new venture for USPA in this region. Formerly only working with government entities in the region, USPA’s Vice President, Sondae Esposito, is the driving force behind the expansion as she feels confident in the company’s track record for providing long-term security services and fire watch to their clients and stable employment opportunities to the residents of Sierra Leone.

“With Sondae Esposito at the helm, our company is expanding into markets that were out of reach only a few years ago” said Michael Evans.

“The Sierra Leone Branch is operated by a local businessman, Edward Conteh, and has been providing specialized services since 2014. This new endeavor will open the flood gates for Sierra Leone residents to maintain employment, while providing a much-needed service” said Esposito when referring to the new expansion.

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