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As seen in Forbes Magazine, USPA Nationwide Security is a US-based security guard company with a focus on providing security services, bodyguards, fire watch, armed guard protection and traditional watchmen. A women-owned security firm who donates 50% of all profits since 2005.

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A Nationwide Security Service

USPA Nationwide Security is a traditional security guard & fire watch company, part of the network, under the umbrella of USPA International, a dedicated close protection service operating in 16 countries providing bodyguard services, close protection convoy security and path-finding services in high risk zones. USPA is the parent company to Kingsman Philanthropic Corp., a nonprofit funding and performing rescues of women and children from domestic violence and human trafficking since 2005. Up to 50% of all profits from USPA are donated to Kingsman to assist women and children. Our collaborative and efficient approach to security services helps our clients reduce costs, manage risk and create a safe working environment. Our values define how we work with our security clients as they are a main reason for our success. The USPA brand has grown from a one-man security guard service on Long Island in 2005, to a multi-national security guard firm providing protective and fire watch service in most states and in 16 countries. USPA Nationwide Security sets the standard in the industry by which other firms and security guard companies have measured and emulated their own policies and procedures.

We’re in the security vocation to protect people, and it’s why we’ve grown so quickly. Repeat business is where our profits come from over time. That’s why we:

We are straight to the point when it comes to what you need to protect your family, business, assets and we always cut the fat where and when needed. Trust and transparency are the building blocks to a long-term relationship. Call us today for a free security consultation.

Our success has been built on the trust we’ve earned since 2005. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to solve complex security challenges in ways that minimize risk. Our world-class security experts become part of our clients’ security team, innovating with them and putting the right technology in place to protect their families, businesses and assets.

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USPA is the parent company to Kingsman Philanthropic Corp., a nonprofit assisting women and children with domestic violence escapes and human trafficking rescues since 2005. Year after year, 50% of every dollar earned at USPA is donated directly to Kingsman, including the proceeds from all security guard services. USPA also has a Fire Watch Division, which performs thousands of licensed fire guard details all over the USA. At USPA Nationwide Security, our core services are security guards, bodyguards, armed security officers, event security, estate security and fire watch services. At USPA International Security, our core services are convoy security, pathfinding services, secure transport service, technical surveillance countermeasures and kidnap recovery services.​

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Top Rated Security Guard Services

USPA Security is part of the network of security firms owned by USPA international. Providing security guard services, armed security guards,
bodyguards, fire watch, watchmen and close protection services.

Fire Watch Services

USPA is the leading provider of fire watch services performed throughout the United States and abroad. We believe the essential obligation of every security guard on fire watch can be broken down into 5 important steps:

Disaster Recovery Services

USPA is a Nationwide company with International resources spread throughout 16 countries. Our policies and procedures enable the recovery and continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster.

Uniform Security Division

Security Guards institute, enforce and coordinate security policies and procedures to safeguard and protect the security of company’s assets, personnel, customers and visitors. Conduct Fire Watch, monitor and investigate incidents requiring utilization of investigative procedures and enforcing company security rules and regulations.

Bodyguards & Executive Protection

Since 2005, the Executive Protection Division provides immediate response to threats against corporations, employees and private individuals. USPA offers close protection officers (bodyguards) on a worldwide basis. Our security operations center is staffed by trained personnel

Security Consulting

USPA can assist in reviewing your company’s security and safety programs and provide insight to lessen your liability exposure. We can set up your security program, evaluate property security services, prepare security manuals, provide employee training, and lead regional or national seminars for your company.

Interview / Interrogation

Loss Prevention Interviews, Specialized Interviews related to Criminal Matters, Internal Investigation Interviews, Title 9 Infraction Interviews, Employment Interviews for Sensitive Positions, Polygraph Services by Certified Forensic Physiologists

Computer Forensics

Our Specialists are active members of various internationally recognized associations, such as, the High Technology Crime Investigators Association, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and Information Systems Audit and Control Association

Private Investigator

Pre-Employment Background Checks and general Private Detective Duties. Our Network of Individually Licensed Private Investigators specialize in cheating (spouse) infidelity cases, child custody, locating missing persons, surveillance and cold case investigations. Individual Licensed Private Investigators (detectives) available nationwide

Legal Support Services

Our staff consists of Process Servers, Licensed Private Investigators, Licensed Bodyguards, ABA Trained Paralegals and support staff

Message from our Founder Welcome to the USPA brand!
As you navigate the pages of this website, I hope you take a few minutes to read some articles and interviews in our press section, which express the values and capabilities which make our security company an outstanding provider of protective services and a solid place to build a security career.

We provide security and protective services with a human touch. We have earned the trust and respect of U.S. and foreign governmental clients for one simple reason—we put value before profit, and then we give away 50% of our earned profits. Our personnel are experts in their fields of operation, from close protection officers and pathfinding services abroad, to general security, fire watch and close protection services internationally, our employees and contractors bring a strong service ethos to everything they do.

USPA Nationwide Security (helpful protective services when you need them most) USPA Nationwide Security is a global security guard agency with our headquarters in Miami and a high-tech operations center in Manhattan. We specialize in providing traditional security guards and high-end bodyguard services, as well as fire watch service. The firm is a recognized leader in the security industry since 2005. We have an expanded service line that has grown over the decades with a wide range of services, from Autonomous Security Technology, Witness Protection Program, Superyacht Security and Anti-Piracy Maritime Patrol.
USPA Security is Technologically Equipped to Service Clients with 21st Century Technology
USPA Nationwide Security has a global reach and employs more than 5,000 security contractors throughout the world. Our technology includes an AI-driven security training program that will save the firm millions of dollars over the next decade while training thousands of security guards across the globe with no carbon footprint. Additionally, the AI will allow security contractors and firewatch guards to learn at their own pace, wherever they are.
USPA Gives Back (donating up to 50% of profits)
USPA Nationwide Security is committed to giving back to the community. We donate up to 50% of our profits to charity. We have given away branch offices to valued employees. One such employee, spent 11 years working for the company. His work with USPA earned him a $6.5 million dollar branch office in India.
USPA Nationwide Security is a Green Business (certified platinum by Green Business Bureau)
USPA Nationwide Security has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal, NBC News and many other media outlets. We are a platinum level green company under the Green Business Bureau and have been covered by MarketWatch for those achievements.
A Security Agency Who Pays Their Bills (USPA has perfect credit)
USPA is a financially stable company. Holding $0 debt and a perfect credit score by Dunn and Bradstreet. Our bills are paid Net 1 day from receiving an invoice. USPA Nationwide Security has garnered hundreds of positive reviews on third party platforms for our security guard services, fire watch guards, close protection officers as well as our certified contractor programs (security contractors worldwide) for early payments and never playing games with people.
Nationwide Fire Watch Service
USPA Nationwide Security Firewatch Security Services are utilized for an array of situations when a fire watch Company is needed. Our Fire Guards and Fire Safety Directors can can be called in for Emergency Fire Watch when a fire suppression system is down. We also provide scheduled firewatch during hot work firewatch situations when welding, crushing and other hot work is being performed and the fire marshal requires a fire watcher to protect the premises. We also provide security guards for events and firewatch service when your premises has been damaged by a fire or smoke condition. As a nationwide security and Firewatch company, we have offices in all 50 states, and we can provide a firewatch guard usually within 60 minutes of receiving your phone call, 24 hours a day in our emergency dispatch center, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Call (800) 214-1448 for the #1 Rated Fire Watch Service in the USA since 2005 - providing firewatch service, emergency fire guards, fire safety directors, hot work firewatch, and other security guard services.
Warehouse Security Services
USPA Nationwide Security has been providing warehouse security officers for large depots, logistics companies and shipping facilities since 2005. From customer services security greeters in the corporate buildings to access control security guards in warehouses and gate houses. Armed warehouse security officers for cash rooms and providing armed protection for active shooter threats. USPA Nationwide Security has verifiable references, handling warehouse facility security, CCTV and ancillary security services for warehouses nationwide.

Nationwide Security Guard Service (Security Watchmen) for Hire
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