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Bug Sweeps (TSCM)

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

USPA Nationwide Security has been performing electronic surveillance sweeps for clients all over the world since 2005. Our highly specialized team of counter surveillance operators are former military intelligence and law enforcement personnel tasked with detecting eavesdropping devices.

Bug Sweeps

Our client list includes private individuals, fortune 500 companies, government and private corporations. Bug sweeps aim to identify existing security breaches and take corrective action. Our counter surveillance operators (TSCM Technicians) work with cutting edge technology to identify listening devices, hidden cameras and compromised computers and phones.

Corporate Bug Sweeps

Bug Sweeps are often conducted when businesses reorganize, expand, have protected information of clients and when union talks are occurring. Our TSCM Technicians, not only perform their services when your business is closed, but can also work alongside of your employees in an undercover capacity if your business never closes.

Private Home Bug Sweep

Our counter surveillance operators will check the physical spaces of your home, office and hotel room for hidden cameras, mics and other eavesdropping devices. We work with women all over the world to detect hidden cameras planted by family members, landlords, workers and friends that aim to spy on children in their homes. Light fixtures, wall sockets and novelty items are only a few places we commonly find cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms alike.

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