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USPA Nationwide Security CEO Michael Evans

Michael Evans, Founder (Retired. Active 5/2005-10/2021)

Formerly, the Chief Executive Officer of USPA International, Michael Evans helped guide and execute the firm’s strategy, overseeing daily operations, developing relationships and guaranteeing seamless delivery of our services to the firm’s global clients. For two decades, he served as founder and president of Blueline Capital and the CEO at USPA Nationwide Security, USPA Technologies and Panic Room USA. An inductee of the Marquis, Who’s Who in America, a list spanning back to 1899 of accomplished Americans, Evans is also a published author in the genre of self-development and has been on the Amazon bestseller list twice since 2015.

Evans is a technical writer by contract with government agencies. His competencies range from kidnap recovery procedures, police procedures, general orders, post orders, contract writing and procedural advice on human trafficking cases. Visit Michael’s consulting website.

A large portion of Evans’ salary and profits, as well as all of the income from his books, is donated directly to his Kingsman Service; a free service to women and children. Kingsman is funded by Evans and serves to protect women and children from domestic violence, human trafficking and kidnapping.  Michael was a working CEO in the sense that he still got in the field to protect his clientele along with his teams. He attended training courses all over the world with his employees and often dropped in – last minute on kidnap recovery details in parts of the U.S. and abroad. (read about Michael Evans in Forbes Magazine)

Since 1994, prior to USPA, Michael spent fourteen years in various law enforcement roles, ranging from Police Officer, Law Enforcement Park Ranger, Correctional Officer as well as a Police Dispatcher and 911 Operator. During his law enforcement career, Evans spent his off-time completing his collegiate education at the State University of New York and Long Island University and working security for various high-end security firms, guarding clientele from politicians to entertainers.

Evans was credited with the arrest of New York’s Most Wanted Fugitive in April of 2004. That’s in addition to the 1000+ narcotic and weapons related cases he closed by arrest in state and federal agencies. His industry-related education is derived from the graduation from 5 law enforcement academies, including state and federal police training centers. Additionally, Evans is certified by over 50 specialty schools, including pre-deployment security contractor training facilities, such as GPS Sniper School, and law enforcement training courses such as NYPD Auto Crime, etc. He earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1992 and his black belt in Taekwondo in 1988.

Daniel Manning, CEO (USPA Nationwide Security)


Dan is charged with overseeing daily operations of our physical security services within the United States. He manages our employees, certified contractor program, licensees and maintains compliance with our government partners. He is the front-facing-management-contact for our clients and is available for any of our existing clients.

Dan is also heavily involved in our Kingsman service. He screens calls for service, conducts research for missing children, sets up security details for domestic violence victims and is actively involved, on the backend, of our human trafficking and kidnap recovery service for women and children. He also manages and maintains our websites and performs daily tasks related grant writing for Kingsman. Read an Interview with Dan in the News

Daniel Manning is the CEO at USPA Nationwide Security. He has held numerous security management positions with National Convenience Distributors, most recently as Safety Manager of the Central Division of the National Company, consisting of over 1,000 employees. Dan formerly served as NCD Central’s Loss Prevention and Security Manager, where he was responsible for the overall protection of the company’s assets and liaised with the contract security firm in several states. He created the company’s active shooter plan and training; oversaw internal and criminal investigations as well as worked parallel with FBI and ATF on several major cases. Dan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Villanova University in addition to many certifications from such training powerhouses as Wicklander-Zulawski, among others. While at Villanova, he interned at Grateford State Correctional Institution, where he studied and wrote his thesis on the efficacy of the Death Sentence.

Michael Blake, Director of International Affairs


Michael Blake joins the USPA Nationwide Security brand as the Director of International Affairs. Blake is also a branch owner in our Southern California division. He is a well-respected close protection professional with 18+ years of experience. Over the course of his career, he has had the pleasure and responsibility to personally protect top executives, dignitaries, royal families and celebrities. He has conducted surveillance and investigations for fraud and trademark infringement and provided threat assessments and protective services for fortune 400 corporations. Conducted both US Tours and International Tours seamlessly. In 2014, Michael was the security liaison for the various layers of Security including The Secret Service, Tactical team and CHP, prior to the arrival of an active foreign presidential visit to a client’s private estate. From 2009 to 2016 he worked as the close protection agent in charge of principal protection for 1 of the children of the president of Gabon, Africa.

In 2019, Michael Blake, working with USPA International’s Kidnap Recovery Division, (Now Kingsman Philanthropic) headed up an international joint task force in charge of international kidnap recovery in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

During one the worst natural disasters to devastate the Bahamas, Michael headed up USPA’s disaster recovery efforts and maritime security in the area of Marsh Harbour. For more than a month, he managed a team of close protection officers conduct pathfinding services, private policing, search and rescue as well as ship security of much needed supplies to survivors stranded on the island.

Michael presently holds a BSIS Guard Card, Firearm permit, Conceal Carry License (multistate reciprocity) and CPR / AED / First Aid for infants, children, and adults. He has EVOC defensive driving training through the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, 1st Dan International Warrior Martial Arts Association, 6 years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, as well as being Hazardous Materials – First Responder Awareness Level.