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Michael Evans, CEO

As Chief Executive Officer of USPA International, Michael Evans helps guide and execute the firm’s strategy, overseeing daily operations, developing relationships and guaranteeing seamless delivery of our services to the firm’s global clients. For two decades, he served as president of Blueline Capital and currently the CEO at USPA Nationwide Security, USPA Technologies and Panic Room USA. An inductee of the Marquis, Who’s Who in America, a list spanning back to 1899 of accomplished Americans, Evans is also a published author in the genre of self-development and has been on the Amazon bestseller list twice since 2015. A large portion of Evans’ salary and profits, as well as all of the income from his books, is donated directly to his Kingsman Service; a free service to women and children. Kingsman is funded by Evans and Esposito (the firm’s VP) and serves to protect women and children from domestic violence, human trafficking and kidnapping.  Michael is a working CEO in the sense that he still gets in the field to protect his clientele along with his teams. He has been attending training courses all over the world with his employees and often drops in – last minute on kidnap recovery details in parts of the U.S. and abroad. (read about Michael Evans in Forbes Magazine)

Since 1994, prior to USPA, Michael spent fourteen years in various law enforcement roles, ranging from Police Officer, Law Enforcement Park Ranger, Correctional Officer as well as a Police Dispatcher and 911 Operator. During his law enforcement career, Evans spent his off-time completing his collegiate education at the State University of New York and Long Island University and working security for various high-end security firms, guarding clientele from politicians to entertainers.

Evans was credited with the arrest of New York’s Most Wanted Fugitive in April of 2004. His industry-related education is derived from the graduation from 5 law enforcement academies, including state and federal police academies.

Among Evans’ Certifications are:

• Basic Academy for Federal Police Officers
• NPS Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Academy
• Suffolk County Sheriff’s Academy
• Basic Academy for Correctional Officers
• Executive Protection Agent Course
• Surveillance Operator Specialist Course
• Israeli Close Quarter Combat Training
• Close Quarter Handgun Defense Craft
• Sniper/Counter Sniper Course
• NYPD Auto Crime School
• Stolen Vehicle Identification Course
• DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety
• Driving Under the Influence Course
• Drug Recognition Expert Course
• Drug Interdiction for Patrol Course
• Advanced Traffic Stop Techniques
• Radar/Lidar Operators Course
• Club Drugs Course
• Gang Training Course
• Gang Symbolism Course
• Effective Courtroom Testimony Course
• Advanced Report Writing
• Interview and Interrogation Techniques Course (Wicklander & Zulawski)
• Advanced Interview & Interrogations Course (Wicklander & Zulawski)
• Interview Techniques (Reid Method)
• Forensic Nuerographic Investigations
• S.W.A.T Tactics and Hostage Negotiations Course
• Informant Development Course
• NYPD Counter Terrorism Course
• Dealing with Emotionally Disturbed Persons Course
• Advanced Use of Force Course
• Tactical Straight Baton Instructor’s Course
• Suicide by Cop Course
• 9mm Pistol, .38 Caliber, 12 Gauge Shotgun, M-16, .308, .223
• Stun-tech Electronic Immobilization Devices Course
• Responding to Robbery and Homicide Course
• Patrol Response to Active Shooters Course
• Medical First Responder Course
• CPR and First Aid Course
• Wilderness Medical First Responder Course
• NYSPIN Basic Course with Data Entry and Criminal History Certifications
• Vice for Patrol Course
• Emergency Medical Dispatch Course

Martial Arts Training:.

• Black Belt – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
• Black Belt – Taekwondo.

Sondae Esposito, President

As President, Sondae Esposito is responsible to oversee many aspects of USPA’s day-to-day operations. Sondae supervises our Security Managers on several continents and manages our recruitment divisions.  Additionally, she represents USPA International in key relationships, both domestic and abroad, focused on security solutions for critical infrastructure, disaster recovery, anti-kidnapping as well as traditional security services. An entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in business operations, security and real estate industries, Esposito brings unmatched technical leadership and operational expertise to the USPA brand.

Prior to her appointment as President, Esposito served as the firm’s Vice President for two years. Her progression to president began when she was Security Manager, where she developed our Trademark Licensee Program and restructured our Certified Contractor Program. While in her position as Security Manager, she developed the necessary relationships which led the way for USPA International to operate abroad with the same delivery as our USPA Nationwide Security branches.

Esposito studied business at Cameron University and received her Close Protection Officer certification from USPA’s Kingsman Training Center in 2007. Sondae is also a financial backer as well as an active leader in our Kingsman Division, a one-of-a-kind free service for women and children dealing with human trafficking, domestic violence and kidnapping. (read about Sondae Esposito in Vizaca Magazine)