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Cannabis Industry Security Guard Service

Cannabis Industry Security Service

USPA Nationwide Security provides guard services to the Cannabis industry throughout the USA and Canada. Our cannabis industry security guards offer armed security, unarmed guards and closed circuit television CCTV and access control to Marijuana facilities and dispensaries.

Access Control Security for Marijuana Dispensaries

The widespread legalization of cannabis is magnifying the demand for cannabis-related security guard services, and USPA Nationwide Security is fast-becoming the number one resource for security for marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities.

Armed Security Guards for Cannabis Distributors

With the large influx of dispensaries, cultivators, and distributors, there is also a big demand for security guard companies to protect their assets and their employees. USPA Nationwide Security’s Cannabis Security Division provides monitoring and alarm response for alarms, CCTV and video surveillance, and armored vehicles in most states. We also concentrate our dispensary security services in Medford, Pueblo, Eugene, Denver, Portland.

Security Officers for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is made up of fully legal cultivators and producers of cannabis and hemp. USPA Nationwide Security offers a licensed and insured security guard (protection) service for the Cannabis industry. Operating in most states and Canada for this particular (Marijuana Industry), we provide cannabis industry security officers, armed security for marijuana dispensaries, close protection and CCTV monitoring (access control) for Cannabis Industry.

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Security for the Cannabis Industry

They are one of the few companies that has franchises specifically for the cannabis business.

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