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Fire Watch Services

USPA is the leading provider of fire watch guard services performed throughout the United States and abroad. We believe the essential obligation of every security guard on fire watch can be broken down into 5 important steps. read more about Fire Watch Services

Uniform Security Guards

USPA realizes the importance for our business and government clients to limit their liability and to implement loss prevention techniques.  Our uniformed security specialists are trained to the highest standard in contract guarding – read more about Uniform Security Guards

Executive / Bodyguard Services

The Executive Protection Division provides immediate response to threats against corporations, employees and private individuals. USPA offers close proximity protection on a worldwide basis – read about Bodyguard Services

VIP Security in Beverly Hills, CA

Kingsman Service

Fully sponsored close protection for women and children. Kingsman is an initiative, part of USPA Nationwide Security, to protect women and children from egregious crimes against them. Kingsman was created by Michael Evans in 2005 in NY only, and has expanded to seven continents for the last decade. Kingsman Service

Kingsman Service

Secure Transportation

Our teams of close protection officers have been operating in border towns of Mexico since 2005. Whether it’s a business trip into Juarez from El Paso or a night out in Tijuana from San Diego, USPA has your secure transport needs covered. We offer a variety of VIP armored SUVs and Sedans as necessary. Secure Transportation Service

Secure Transportation Service

Interview / Interrogation

USPA offers a unique service of Specialized Interviews for the following: Loss Prevention Interviews, Specialized Interviews related to Criminal Matters, Internal Investigation Interviews, Title 9 Infraction Interviews, Employment Interviews for Sensitive Positions, Polygraph Services by Certified Forensic Physiologists, Other Specialized Interview/Interrogation Services

Interviews and Specialized Interrogation Service

Warehouse Security Services

USPA International Security has a proven record of protecting warehouse and logistic companies since 2005. We understand the business of guarding large depots, logistics facilities, and providing the following (verifiable) services to national logistics companies – read about Warehouse Security Services

Witness Protection Program

USPA’s witness protection program is one of the only internationally recognized programs of its kind, operating 24/7 to secure witnesses (usually crime victims) and other tames, the immediate family of persons who are in immediate danger. Witness Protection Program

Witness Protection Program

Super Yacht Security Services Bahamas

USPA Nationwide Security has been providing ship security services in the Bahamas and Miami area for two decades. Offering Anti-Piracy Security and (Maritime Security Officers) and on-board medics who are also trained ship security officers. Superyacht Security

Maritime Security Service

Cyber Security Service

Cyber Security Specialists at USPA Nationwide Security ensure that a company’s systems are protected from attack. To prevent data breaches, they conduct security audits on computer hardware, software programs, or both – ensuring that the information processed by these devices still performs as it should despite any vulnerabilities they may find. Cyber Security

Cyber Security Service

Pandemic Response Services

First seen during the Ebola outbreak in Africa in 2014, USPA Nationwide Security and its parent company, USPA International Security have been assessing, improving and developing our Pandemic Response Teams to maintain security at critical infrastructure sites, essential private supply chain and makeshift testing and medical treatment sites – read about Pandemic Response Services

Disaster Recovery

USPA is a Nationwide company with International resources spread throughout 16 countries. Our policies and procedures enable the recovery and continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. read more about Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Service

Bug Sweeps (TSCM)

Our client list includes private individuals, fortune 500 companies, government and private corporations. Bug sweeps aim to identify existing security breaches and take corrective action. Our counter surveillance operators (TSCM Technicians) work with cutting edge technology to identify listening devices, hidden cameras and compromised computers and phones. Bug Sweeps

Bug Sweep Service

Estate Security Service

Whether a seasonal security guard is needed in places where Estates require a heavier security presence, such as the Hampton, or fulltime in Beverly Hills, USPA Nationwide Security’s estate security personnel is a top rated, licensed and insured estate security company.

Employment Background Checks

Pertaining to Background Checks for Employment, the FCRA or the Fair Credit Reporting Act was enacted to protect information collected by consumer reporting agencies such as credit criminal history and convictions, traffic infractions and traffic related crimes. Employment Background Checks

Employment Background Checks

Safe Rooms & Nuclear Shelters

Our Panic Room Division is part of our total security package that we currently offer to our clients on 7 continents. We build safe rooms, also known as hard rooms, which are bulletproof, bomb proof and fireproof rooms; a sort of hidden tank within the walls of your home. Equipped with fresh air, cameras and communication devices, food and of course, ballistic walls to protect your family during an attack. We also build nuclear shelters for homes, business and embassies. Safe Rooms

Fire Watch Service

Event Security Service

At USPA Nationwide Security, we secure events in 50 states and on 7 continents since 2005. As a highly reviewed security guard service, we specialize in providing event security services to our long list of event management companies and private individuals internationally.  Visit our event security.

Event Security

Cannabis Security Service

The widespread legalization of cannabis is magnifying the demand for cannabis-related security guard services, and USPA Nationwide Security is fast-becoming the number one resource for security for marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities. Cannabis Security Service

Emergency Board Up Service

USPA’s 24-hour emergency security services now include boarding up businesses during flare ups of civil unrest. Our board up service can be utilized by residential or commercial properties in 50 states. Emergency Board Up Service

Private Investigators

USPA Nationwide Private Investigators will become your advocate to ensure all facts, evidence, and motives are well documented.  The USPA Nationwide Private Investigator’s team of retired NYPD Detectives will deliver the world renowned NYPD Detective Bureau ability of scrutinizing, analyzing, interrogating and reporting. Our priority is to engage any law firms, government agencies, and law enforcement departments to ensure that justice is properly served on your behalf – read about Private Investigation Services

Security Private Detective Service