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Kingsman Service

Free Close Protection Service for Women and Children

Fully sponsored close protection for women and children. Kingsman is an initiative, part of USPA Nationwide Security, to protect women and children from egregious crimes against them. Kingsman was created by Michael Evans in 2005 in NY only, and has expanded to seven continents for the last decade.

What do Kingsman do?

Kingsman are per diem close protection officers, mostly former military and current and retired law enforcement officers. Kingsman are called to work when USPA Nationwide Security receives information about a woman and or child being abused and looking to escape a bad situation. We provide physical protection and financial support to help the family relocate and get away from an abuser. Kingsman are paid, but we do not charge any money for the service

How do we select where to allocate our funds?

Because Kingsman is recently a 501c3, so we must choose when to take on a security detail for free. Security details and abduction support can cost upward of $10k in most situations and become much more costly in others. We investigate the facts on a case-by-case basis and make our decisions. Many times, manpower and financial constraints force our hand. 

Speak with a security consultant today (not for employment purposes) if you require the services of our Kingsman.

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Kingsman – Free Close Protection Service for Women and Children

Kingsman are trained executive protection agents who protect women and children free of charge. Sponsored by USPA Nationwide Security – Free Bodyguard Services for women and children. Kingsman provide anti-kidnapping services, abduction support, domestic violence assistance and relocation assistance via our trained close protection officers. Operating on 7 continents, Kingsman have been featured in Forbes Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Flackee, Vizaca Magazine and Business New Ledger among other publications.

Kingsman Provide

Anti-Kidnapping Service

Abduction Support

Domestic Violence Assistance

Relocation Assistance for Women and Children

Kingsman are sponsored by Michael Evans and Sondae Esposito. We never charge for this service. While we cannot take on every case, we take on as many as we can handle financially.