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If you're looking for a challenging and dynamic workplace where your experience and knowledge are recognized and immediately contribute to the success of the company —USPA is the best fit for you. We provide an environment that enables you to realize your full potential and fulfil your career aspirations.

USPA is continually looking for security professionals who have a passion for excellence and are dynamic team players. Based on your interests and aspirations, we also provide the support and opportunities to prepare you for new challenges and to grow your security career internationally. DO NOT CALL OR USE LIVE CHAT FOR EMPLOYMENT

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Working for USPA Nationwide Security means keeping clients safe from dangerous people.
USPA Nationwide Security relies on men and women with integrity to carry out our mission – to protect our clients. The security career opportunities are vast, from Close Protection Officers, Traditional Security Guards, Armed Security, Maritime Security (Armed Ship Officers), Luxury Yacht Security Jobs, Security Contractors in High Risk Zones, Anti-Kidnapping Jobs, Security Managers and more. The security details are rewarding in and of themselves. For some positions, the pay includes paid time off, health and life insurance, and a generous retirement.

If you’re interested in a career at USPA Nationwide Security – Apply for a Security Career

In order to be successful in the security field, you must have attended an approved course of study, from an approved close protection school, security guard academy, military training, law enforcement agency to gain, both the basic and advanced skills needed to operate.

We look for applicants with experience in the security field for which they are applying. If you are applying for a security position including close protection officers, anti-kidnapping agents, armed ship security, maritime security, luxury yacht security, then we expect all applicants to have the required amount of real time experience, in addition to the proper training from an accredited or approved security training facility. If you are applying for a traditional security guard jobs, security manager, security driver, firewatch guard, then we expect all applicants to meet the minimum required training for security guards and firewatch officers in the jurisdiction where you are applying to work.

Current Security Employment with USPA Nationwide Security and USPA International Security are always updated in real time on our careers page. If the job is posted, it is available.

Available positions may include:

Close Protection Officer Jobs: Bodyguards or Executive Protection Jobs where you are part of a team who secures a person or person(s).

Anti-Kidnapping Agent Careers: Close Protection personnel assigned to protect a client from kidnapping. Usually in a high-risk zone or situation.

Armed Ship Security Officer Employment: Armed security personnel, usually former military, with experience in amphibian security.

Luxury Yacht Security Officer Jobs: Close Protection Officer and Static Security Guards to protect high net worth individuals in maritime environments. Usually in the Caribbean and in some parts of Southern, USA.

Traditional Security Guard Jobs: Entry Level Unarmed and Armed Security Officers to protect property of our clients.

Fire Watch Guards Employment: Licensed Fire Watch Guards protect buildings, events and other establishments from fire when a fire suppression system is inoperable, or when a planned event requires fire watch (such as large stadium events, hot work construction, etc.)