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Fire Watch Services

USPA is the leading provider of fire watch guard services performed throughout the United States and abroad. We believe the essential obligation of every security guard on fire watch can be broken down into 5 important steps:

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Remaining alert and active on patrol are key ingredients to a successful fire watch. We understand every second counts, so we instruct our guards to patrol the premises every 15 minutes.


Sound the Alarm

During patrol if we detect fire, see or smell smoke we immediately sound the alarm alerting others to the potential dangers. If there is no alarm on the premises our guards are instructed to quickly inform and ask that everyone leave the hazardous area.



Our guards are in constant contact with our 24/7 dispatching unit. Within seconds from receiving the call we dispatch the police and fire department to the scene.


Help & Assist

Once the fire department and police officers reach the scene our job is to guide them to the fire and assist with anything they may need.


Report Writing

Documenting the incident accurately is very important and helpful to both the client and the police investigator. Our guards provide detailed reports of the incident from start to finish. Those reports are uploaded daily and shared.


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Fire breakouts can be emotionally and monetarily draining. We understand this clearly and that’s why we have developed a system for you to prevent and protect your premises from fire related hazards. We, the fire watch company Chicago IL offer you a range of security guard services, where our highly qualified and skilled fire watch security guards will perform the following steps at your premises to ensure maximum protection in our fire watch service. Step 1: we will appoint adequate number of fire security, who would work along with fire safety directors Chicago IL. Our fire watch guards will be on patrol around your premises for every 15 minutes throughout the day and night. Step 2: During such patrol, if our fire guards Chicago IL spot any sign of fire breakout, everyone will be asked to move to a safer place. Usually, our guards will use alarm system but if the alarm is absent or is malfunctioning, appropriate method will be used for announcement. Step 3: since we understand the importance of informing the fire as well as police department immediately, our guards are put in continuous contact with the fire department. Within a matter of few seconds of information, fire engine will reach your destination along with the required number of police. Step 4: our guards will help the team to carry out the operation successfully. Step 5: We thoroughly understand the need for detailed report for proceeding legally with respect to aspects like insurance claim etc. Since the damage on your premise can be very distressing, we understand the need for help to write reports. This is why our guards will write the whole detailed report for you, from the very beginning incident to the last. Further, our guards will update you on a daily basis on the same. OUR PANIC ROOM SERVICE With the growing gun violence, robbery and other crimes like kidnapping, we understand the need for your premises to be secured. Especially, when such premises are where mass number of people be there – for example, school, place of work etc. This is why, we have brought in an innovative method of protection which will be attached to your premises.
If you want to secure your school or college, we carry out a threat assessment survey, which is completely free of charge and our experts will provide you with best custom solution for you.
If you want to secure your private residency, we will suggest you to choose our modular room. You will be protected from crimes like felony, kidnap and assault.
If you want to secure your corporate premise, where usually there are more number of people like your executives, employees and other workers, we would suggest you to opt for modular room with scalable levels of security. This will be a good choice for you, as usually the level of threat in corporate premise is unpredictable.
Our Fire Watch service Chicago IL and panic room service are built by us for you are to ensure maximum protection for you and those around you. You can contact us for more details.