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Security Business Franchise

Thanks for your interest in our program. Notice I didn’t say “Franchise” because although you probably were on the hunt for a security company franchise, you have landed on a much better, much more sustainable and affordable option. This program is a Trademark License Program. What does that mean? Imagine a toy store, who is licensed by Disney to call its toy store a Disney Store. Same idea. You are able to take advantage of one of the best-known names in the security industry without ever sharing a profit with us.

Here’s your assignment:

Step 1. Read this page in its entirety

Step 2. Watch the Security Franchise video on this page

Step 3. Click here to read about what USPA Nationwide Security is doing in the world

Step 4. Chat with us and ask questions you may still have

Step 5. Check our references and reviews

Step 6. Check out some others who have joined us, and see what your site will look like:

Tulsa Branch

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Step 7. Hit the Apply Now button and let’s get things moving

Why Choose USPA Nationwide Security?

USPA is a well-known name in the security industry. We provide an array of security related services all over the world. We have in place, thousands of professionally screened contractors, already performing services for us internationally. When you join forces with USPA Nationwide Security, your business has the ability to take advantage of our proven methods of generating leads and closing them. With our vast network of contractors, our licensees can take on work outside of their geographical area and earn a profit anywhere in the world. We also give you the opportunity to bid on large national contracts – by having limited utilization of our certified contractors and licensees.

Trademark Licensee Program:

Your company is given permission to operate as USPA Nationwide Security as a DBA. You may use our name, logo, etc. on your website, business cards and other advertising collateral (subject to limitations specified in an agreement). We provide you with:

USPA Nationwide Security branded website.

Search Engine Marketing (to get your branded website to the top of search engines)

Use of our branded, professional marketing videos

Use of our 5000+ Vendors (subject to limitations)

A geographical area of exclusive or non-exclusive area to operate in (depends on agreement)

Branded documents (security contracts, proposal, etc.)

Ability to have our security consultants handle your sales (this is an available upgrade)

USPA can handle your sales calls and provide quotes over the phone, live chat or via email. USPA can generate the necessary paperwork to get the lead closed and paid for – then forward the information to you for operations/staffing, etc.


Is this a security franchise?
No. This is a trademark licensing program

Do I have to pay/share any of my profits with anyone?
No. Your profits are exactly that, yours. We do not require any knowledge of your finances, billing, profits, etc.

Do I need to re-incorporate my business to get this started?
No. You will simply file a DBA (doing business as or fictitious name) and you’re all set.

Are my employees now employees of USPA?
No. Your employees are your employees. If your company is named Smith Security, Inc. The company paychecks will still be in the name of Smith Security, Inc. The DBA is for marketing and branding purposes.

On my contracts, invoices, etc., how will my company name appear?
Smith Security, Inc dba USPA Nationwide Security of Georgia. (sample only)

What are the requirements to get started?
Must be fully licensed and insured (where applicable) or be in the process of getting licensed.
Ability to meet USPA quality control standards for trademark licensees
Agree to operate within our company guidelines
Submission to a comprehensive background investigation

What is the turnaround time to get started?
You should be up and running within 2 weeks.

Which forms of payment will you accept for this program?
Any major credit card, company check, EFT.
To get started, complete the application and email to or fax it to +1 (888) 513-2236. We will contact you to discuss the next step.
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