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Private Investigations

Criminal Investigation:

A crime has been committed against your concern or person. In the legal continuum a criminal investigation is commenced. USPA Nationwide Private Investigators will become your advocate to ensure all facts, evidence, and motives are well documented.  The USPA Nationwide Private Investigator’s team of retired NYPD Detectives will deliver the world renowned NYPD Detective Bureau ability of scrutinizing, analyzing, interrogating and reporting. Our priority is to engage any law firms, government agencies, and law enforcement departments to ensure that justice is properly served on your behalf.

Background Checks:

USPA Nationwide Private Investigators can provide the most complete information using our criminal background check metric. The expertise combines all forms of criminal checks including DMV, Social Security and Credit History Checks. USPA Nationwide Private Investigators then will analyze this information with its staff of retired NYPD detectives and Supervisors to provide recommendations for your safety USPA Nationwide Private Investigators will provide the due diligence pre-employment background screening that is the responsibility of you, the employer. Insidious and deceitful job applicants that routinely misrepresent information about their credentials and/or their previous employment history become a serious liability and a potential insurance risk to their new employer.  Our retired NYPD Detectives and Supervisors with years of investigative experience should conduct these background searches.  Their experience lets them see beyond the “contacts” listed by the applicant. This ensures the information is as legitimate and accurate as possible

Personal Background Checks:

USPA Nationwide Private Investigators suggests you should be adept at learning everything about a nanny for your children or live-in housekeeping staff.  To this end, our detailed personal background check should be conducted prior to making an offer of employment and inviting that individual into your home. The latest technologies and most current databases are utilized to extract background information, everything from criminal records to fraudulent business or other activities. Our team of retired NYPD Investigators and Supervisors analyze this information so you can make the right decision.

Cold Case Homicide Investigation:

Our national network of cold case homicide investigators are contracted to assist in clearing unsolved murders. Our team is led by retired NYPD Homicide Detectives with over 25 years of experience each. Our contract cold case homicide investigators have recently brought a high profile case (from the 1980’s) to a conclusion, forwarding our findings to the District Attorney’s office for further investigation and prosecution. 

Surveillance & Protection:

USPA Nationwide Private Investigators can provide all of your domestic surveillance needs. Personal threats, an unfaithful spouse, being stalked or followed or appropriate monitoring and security for your property, USPA can tailor a professional domestic surveillance and investigation to meet your needs. In addition, USPA’s personal bodyguards are here to ensure your safety and security while you perform your daily routines.  All retired NYPD Detectives and Supervisors protect you against personal threats to both your physical being and property.

On-Line Checks:

The problem of unauthorized or suspicious activity happening on personal or office computers is a major concern. “Extracurricular” activity or adult chats pre-occupying a spouse, child or employee can have devastating effects on relationships, both personal and business. USPA Nationwide Private Investigators online background checks performed by computer experts not only dissect the hard drive to extract the sought after information, but also can trace and record online chats, web sites visited, etc. To help identify these areas of concerns, USPA Nationwide Private Investigators will provide the necessary information about where the person or persons in question have been visiting while on the computer.

Services are provided by licensed, bonded and insured private investigation firms and licensed private detectives within the USPA Nationwide Certified Contractor Program.