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Witness Protection Program

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Witness Protection Program
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Witness Protection Program (providing close protection and relocation for witnesses)

In 2006, USPA Nationwide Security developed a program, similar to the US Marshal Witness Security Program, when we were first tasked with guarding a witness from New York who was being hunted by a ruthless street gang after testifying in her own attempted murder case. Back then, we utilized current and retired police officers to accomplish our mission.

Today, USPA’s witness protection program is one of the only internationally recognized programs of its kind, operating 24/7 to secure witnesses (usually crime victims) and other times, the immediate family of persons who are in immediate danger. From crime survivors of attempted murder, rape and kidnapping, to prosecutors, judges and even IRS auditors being stalked, USPA takes this task seriously.

Witness Protection for Women (guarding and relocating women in grave danger)

USPA operates a nonprofit wing, a registered 501c3, Kingsman, who perform, among other things, witness protection and relocation. Limited by available funds to perform the services for free, USPA assists with security, travel, permanent relocation and identity change.

USPA has relocated entire families, including pets, thousands of miles in the darkness of night, all with the logistical, financial and physical (security) support of USPA’s Kingsman.

Our witness protection program is similar to the US Marshal’s Witness Security Program, with some key differences:

USPA’s Witness Protection Program:

Services carried out by U.S. Military Veterans with special training

Providing protection to any crime victim, witness or family member

Relocating victims of crime, witnesses and government officials

Has the ability to (when  funds are available – see FAQ below) to fund the service

Has international boundaries that we set. We work within the USA, in most Caribbean countries and parts of the UK, Canada, Australia, France and Italy. (We do not provide any service in Russia or China).

Assisting with [legal] change of identity

Providing secure transportation and protection to witnesses to and from court appearances.

US Marshal Witness Security Program: (according to their website)

Witnesses protected by the Witness Security Program generally testify against major criminal organizations and their members, such as traditional organized crime groups, gangs and terrorist organizations.

The Witness Security Program provides for the security, safety and health of government witnesses and their authorized family members, whose lives are in danger as a result of their cooperation with the U.S. government.

The U.S. Marshals Service provides 24-hour protection to all witnesses while they are in a high-threat environment, including trials and other court appearances.

Witnesses and their families typically get new identities with documentation.

Witnesses may initially receive financial assistance for housing, subsistence for basic living expenses the witness with becoming self-sufficient.

Program Cost FAQ:

How much does the service cost?

There’s no set price, however, you can expect the program to cost upward of $10k-$25k depending on the situation.

Why so expensive?

This is a premium service, carried out by military trained operators and former law enforcement officers who are highly paid to risk their lives in the line of duty. Persons enter this program and needing our service are in grave and imminent danger. That danger is then transferred to our personnel protecting the individuals in the program. If cost is a major factor, you can reach out to the U.S. Marshal Service or your state to inquire about their programs.

Are there any free services?

At times, however, we were recently featured in Yahoo News for our Witness protection Program, which led to a plethora of calls for the free service. The funds, which we source from our company’s profits, have been completed depleted in the first week. When funds become available again, we will remove this section in the FAQ.

Call (800) 214-1448 or email to speak with a security consultant about our Witness Protection Program.

Witness Protection Services carried out by U.S. Military Veterans. Providing security to crime victims, witnesses, family members. Relocating victims of crime, government officials. Identity change service.


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USPA Nationwide Security Expands Witness Protection Program

The witness security service that was once set aside for women only is now being offered to anyone in need by the international security firm.

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