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Cannabis Security Officers Denver, CO

Cannabis Dispensary Security Service Denver, Colorado

Protect your Denver, CO cannabis dispensary with a security guard from USPA Nationwide Security.

Armed Marijuana Dispensary Security Guards Denver, CO

Our Denver security guards are trained to protect against any threat or harm and will be there for you 24/7. We have thousands of highly trained, vetted armed security guards available at all times who can protect your employees, customers and property from any threat or harm!

Cannabis Security Officers Denver, CO

With our Denver marijuana dispensary security service, we make the perfect choice for dispensaries needing local protection services as well as large cannabis grow operations nationwide. You won’t find another company that is more trusted in private security today than USPA Nationwide Security!

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Call us now at 800-214-1448 to get started on protecting your business with one of our professional armed security watchmen.

(800) 214-1448 Cannabis Dispensary Security Service Denver, Colorado – Armed and unarmed security guards in Marijuana Dispensaries Denver, Colorado.

All security services performed by either USPA International Employees, USPA Nationwide Security Licensees or USPA Certified Contractors possessing the necessary license to operate in this jurisdiction.