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Fire Watch Service Columbus, Ohio


Fire Watch Service Columbus, Ohio

Fires are one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities. In fact, an average of 57 workers die from fires each year in the United States alone.

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to protect your employees and customers from fire hazards. But if you don’t have enough time or resources to do it yourself, who can you trust?

USPA Nationwide Fire Watch Company is here for you. We provide reliable 24-hour fire watch services at affordable prices that meet all state and federal requirements for security guard licensing and insurance coverage. Contact us today to get started! (800)214-1448 or email

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Fire is a serious threat in any business, especially when you have employees working alone or overnight. 

A fire can destroy your entire business and all of the work that went into it. You could lose everything! Our fire watch services will keep your staff safe from fires and other threats while they are on duty.

We’re here to help you prevent fires from happening in the first place with our 24-hour call center staffed with customer service agents, available to take your call at (800) 214-1448 or email for quick estimates on our top-rated fire watch services. Our licensed and insured guards will protect businesses against fires, vandalism, theft and more during their shift – whether daytime or nighttime – even if your building is completely empty! For emergency fire watch when your suppression system is down we offer temporary staffing solutions as well as permanent security guard positions for long term needs such as construction sites.

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