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Emergency Fire Watch Service  Guarding New York City, NY

USPA Nationwide Security is running a highly professional emergency firewatch service in New York City, NY which is available to the citizens of America’s biggest city, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. In compliance with the National Fire Prevention Association, our CEO personally guarantees that all our fire watch guards are licensed and insured as well as fire marshal approved in New York and all other states. USPA has been patrolling NYC business with Fire Guards since 2005

Fire Guard Services Patrolling New York City, NY (Firewatch Guards)

Firewatch security guards or simply fire guards are specialty officers needed for handling fire watch services when fire suppression system is malfunctioning, or there is need of hot work or welding fire watch under building codes or fire marshal orders. Our fire watch security guards in NY guarding storefronts when there are fires in the area, such as during civil unrest, building fires, etc.

USPA is happy to report that our roster of New York City, NY fire watch guards is exceeding 1800 certified fire guards and fire safety directors in the USA. This large number allows us to be on any site in 60 minutes or less. For more assurance, you can check our Google Reviews. We promise that all our reviews are legitimate with verifiable clients on a third-party reviewing system. Our reviews are being written by clients who we are currently guarding or protecting.

Hot Work Fire Watch Service Safeguarding New York City, NY

Hot work and welding fire watch are a requirement with building codes and sometimes fire marshal orders and we offer the best fire watch security guards for that purpose. USPA Nationwide Security won a national contract to hire 300 fire watch all over the country, and municipal contracts in cities with civil unrest to safeguard the commercial and residential buildings and infrastructure from fire damage. Being that USPA is a top-rated fire watch service, we have the man power, currently guarding and patrolling NYC establishments. We have the experience needed to safeguard your assets. 

USPA Firewatch Guards Patrolling NYC:

Fire Guards are ensuring your NYC business is safe from fires.

Firewatch Personnel are conserving your NY property.

NYC Fire watch looking after your family while you sleep.

Fire Safety Professionals watching over your events in New York.

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The Importance of NYC Fire Watch Service

Whether you are a small New York City business owner, a restaurant/café owner, or an apartment complex manager/owner, it is important for all of us to be aware of what is happening around us at all times and to have Fire Watch service (NYC Fire Guards) patrolling when your fire suppression system is not operating. Outside of fire a marshal mandating a guard, there are some ways you can make sure that everyone in your building is protected. As we’ve shown, having a fire guard patrolling your premises is the legal way to stay open while your fire suppression system is down.

Fire Guards New York

In addition to fire detection systems, the easiest way to achieve keeping everyone safe and secure is having a fire watch service patrolling your business. Therefore, USPA Nationwide Fire Watch Service of NYC, is your source for licensed New York Firewatch watching over your business, with Fire Guards available at a moment’s notice. As a result, our trained fire guards are trained in notifying the fire department (FDNY) right away. They’re also useful in assisting in  evacuating and performing fire watch duties as outlined and necessary to protect your NYC property. Since fire watching professionals have gone through specialized training, their training ensures that the fire watch services are providing the highest quality of NYC fire protection services around.

Another great reason for hiring a firewatch service in New York City is that the fire guards are constantly training to handle different fire emergencies. Some of the common emergencies include starting a fire in a kitchen or any other place where flammable liquids or electronics are stored. Accordingly, fire watches are also defending assets whenever a fire breaks out in an industrial area where there could be electrical wiring involved. Fire watch personnel are always attending emergency training to deal with a variety of emergency situations.

Highly Reviewed Manhattan Firewatch Defending NY Assets

All things considered, please read our Fire Watch Reviews and see why so many NYC businesses have turned to USPA Nationwide Fire Watch Service, a division id USPA Nationwide Security since 2005. Having a dependable fire watch service on retainer is a streamlined ensuring that your business is able to remain functioning when your fire suppression or fire alarm is not working. Call (800) 214-1448. Getting set up with our Fire Watch Retainer Program is simple and fast.

NYC Fire Guard Patrolling:

Fire Guards (protecting NYC storefronts from fire damage)

Firewatch Security (guarding private events against fire in Manhattan).

Fire Watch Guard (patrolling New York City businesses when fire suppression systems are down).

Fire Safety Directors (Consulting and preparing fire safety plans in NYC).

NYC Fire Watch Service?

A fire watch service, which is also referred to as a fully licensed and insured NYC Fire Guard provider, is a crucial component of property security. When property is threatened or in danger of burning down, it is the duty of the company to call in a fully licensed and insured New York City fire watch company for assistance. While there are many fire watch companies that offer this type of monitoring service in NYC, only a few are actually licensed and insured. The fully licensed and insured companies will have up-to-date on-site fire watch guards, (Fire Guards) to assign to New York City facilities.

A fully licensed and insured company will be registered as an active participant with the New York City Fire Department (NYFD). The NYFD offers the city with a list of participating companies that are registered or have been licensed to be fire watch companies. When choosing a fire company to provide guard protection, it is important to look for one that is listed with the city as an active participant with the NYC Fire Watch Program.

Fire Guard Services in NYC

A fire company is expected to be fully aware of the capabilities and limitations of their equipment. This will include having up-to-date information on all firefighting resources. Companies must also have up-to-date information on the actual number of fire guard members on duty at any given time. In addition, NYC fire watch personnel must be able to respond to calls immediately when receiving the call.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that a guard company is fully ready to protect your property or that your property is protected from harm is to contract with them for guard protection. An effective system will integrate several aspects of fire guard protection including but not limited to: vehicle communications, system integration and emergency notification. New York Fire Guard companies should also be required to have up-to-date information regarding firefighting tactics and resources. This will help ensure your fireguard protection needs are met without duplication of services or resources.

NYC Fireguards

A New York City fire watch service is an excellent way to protect your property from a fire as well as to help if one were to break out. Many homeowners choose to engage a professional company to provide fire watch services for added peace of mind. There are many advantages to engaging a fire watch company including but not limited to: reduced insurance premiums due to safer practices; less need for manpower due to the increased ability to quickly respond; a reduction in losses caused by fire; and better communication between rescue teams and fire fighters.

In New York City, the Office of Emergency Management Services (OEM) works in conjunction with the New York City Fire Department (NYFD) to oversee fire watch services.

(800) 214-1448 Fire Guard Services in NYC. All firewatch personnel are licensed NYC Fireguards and are fully insured. Email for an instant quote in NYC Fire Watch Services.