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Security Guard Services Cape Coral, FL

Security Guard Services Cape Coral, FL

The largest city between Tampa and Miami, Cape Coral is home to 154,305 individuals and covers an area of 310 km square. In all big cities there are always various types of security risks. Be it a natural or a man-made security threat, larger areas need vigilant and experienced security guard companies to serve their security needs in times of need.

USPA Nationwide Services is a highly experienced name in the field of security management. We offer security guards, armed security guards, executive protection guards, infrastructure security, bodyguards and other relevant security services like fire watch services. Our services are based on our three decades of experience in the field of security management and law enforcement.

Armed Security Guard Company Cape Coral, FL

Our armed security guard service is one of our specialized services. It includes 24/7 protection of the subject. Our clients may hire us for the protection of critical infrastructure, assets or business executives. The armed security guards we offer are highly-experienced and trained to manage crisis and unforeseen circumstances. We work with the local security providers to facilitate our clients as much as we can.

Fire Watch Services in Cape Coral, FL

Fire hazards are always there in busy urban lifestyle. Mandatory fire watch services should be a part of the regular maintenance checkups. USPA Nationwide Services also offers exemplary Fire Watch Services in Cape Coral, FL to secure your infrastructure from fire hazards. We also offer fireguard services as part of our incident management. We can reach to the site in less than 60 minutes. All security guard services are performed by either USPA International employees, operating under License Number 11000121895 or Certified Contractors Companies or Trademark Licensees holding the necessary license to operate in their respective area of operation. In Florida, services are provided by USPA Nationwide Security of Northern Florida, operating under Florida Dept of Agriculture License B1900175.

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