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Security Guard Services Edgewater, FL

Security Guard Services Edgewater, FL

With an attractive intra-coastal waterway, Edgewater is overall a peaceful and quiet place to live. The economy runs majorly on the construction, boat, garment, and honey industries, such as Boston Whaler and Tropical Blossom Honey. With employers associated largely with education, health care, and government sectors, Edgewater is a city with ample security needs. If you are running a business, employed in Edgewater, or residing in the city, please feel free to contact USPA for all your security services. We also offer dedicated event security, qualified bodyguard services, and close protection agents for your business executives, security guards at public events, and personal residential security in all parts of this serene city. Other than the traditional security services, we also provide executive secure transportation with security escorts upon demand.

Armed Security Guard Company Edgewater, FL

USPA focuses on providing only the finest and most experienced armed security guards service to ensure that the companies, dwellings, and community centers are all safe and protected for the travelers and inhabitants of Edgewater, Fl. We have over 30 years of combined experience in conducting high-risk security details all over the world. Our security contractors work closely with local municipalities and businesses to effectively deliver armed security management services and critical infrastructure protection during natural disasters, unrest, or criminal activities.

Fire Watch Service Edgewater, FL

USPA’s emergency firewatch service in Edgewater, FL is always available. Our staff is on a high-alert round the clock receiving calls and delivering expert services in different parts of Florida.  With our efficient call center system, we can be on-site in less than 60 minutes in Edgewater.

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