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Our nationwide security guard service is based in NYC. We started in Manhattan in 2005, guarding NYC businesses. Our security officers been performing thousands of security details in Manhattan and the boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island). A licensed and bonded Watch, Guard and Patrol Agency, USPA is the highest rated security firm in our industry for one reason – we put value before profit. Whether you need long term security or short term (emergency) security officers on-site quickly, USPA Nationwide Security has both the manpower and experience, backed by decades of A+ rated customer service. Call us at (800) 214-1448 to see why NYC businesses have been choosing USPA for guarding and protecting their NYC business for decades.

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Based in NYC, and protecting people in 16 countries, USPA Nationwide Security can be on site, most times, within 60 minutes. USPA operates in all 50 states and can be on site with a same day guarantee. This guarantee pertains to Security Guards and Armed Bodyguards as well as Surveillance Operators.

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New York City is undoubtedly the biggest city in the United States. It is a multi-cultural metropolis with a fast-paced lifestyle and exciting nightlife. Manhattan is also famous for its crime rate; it is one of the most dangerous cities in the US. There have been many incidents of residential and commercial violence in NYC. While the world waits for the rebuilding of the largely defunded NYPD, NYC private security guard services have been protecting NYC. By and large, watchmen companies, like USPA Nationwide Security, have been guarding New York storefronts, and protecting visitors and residents of NY due to the shrining police budget.

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Choosing a NYC Security Guard Service

A New York City security guard (sometimes also called a security officer, bodyguard, close protection officer or watchmen) is a professional employed by a private or government organization to protect the assets (including people, property, equipment, money, and so forth) of the employing entity from a variety of risks (including theft, damage, fire, dangerous material, vandalism, and so on.) Above all, New York City Security officers are typically employed in places that have heightened levels of security, such as government buildings, banks, airports, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and other places where high levels of security are desirable. As such, security officers must possess a number of personal qualities that will make them effective at their jobs.

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The most important quality of all is responsibility. New York Security guards must be responsible enough to perform their duties in a competent manner (guarding your assets). Comparatively, they must always remain in a position of command. This means that they should always be able to stop at any point and communicate with the customer in an effective and polite manner while protecting you and your business.

After all, security guards must also be alert and aware of what is going on around them. Basically, they must be able to react quickly and effectively. As a result, they must be highly organized and detail oriented. Security guards must be detail oriented, because they usually have to physically stop people and see what is happening while guarding you. There are many other important qualities, however. Security Officers should also be well-groomed.

It is also crucial for security guards to stay fit. Fitness has a great deal to do with a number of things. Security guards must be alert and aware of what is going on in and out of their area. If they are not alert and aware, they are likely to be distracted and will be less effective at their job.

Armed Bodyguards New York, NY

USPA Nationwide Security provides armed executive protection agents to business owners, individuals and celebrities in Manhattan. Since 2005, our close protection officers have been tasked with protecting women and children at no cost to the clients. Our free bodyguards are provided to women and children as part of our Kingsman initiative.

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Accordingly, our security watchmen  are great for guarding NYC storefronts, buildings, apartment complexes and other places where a traditional watchmen can be utilized. Security Watchmen are also referred to as security officers and guards. Our NYC watchmen protect property. All watchmen are bonded and insured as well as licensed by the NY Dept. of State.

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Hire a Security Guard Company in New York City (Manhattan)

If you’re looking to hire a security guard company in New York City, USPA Security is a New York-based, licensed watch, guard or patrol agency with its headquarters in Manhattan, New York. For decades, USPA has been providing security guards in NYC for private business, celebrities, New York City events, and other general security guard services in NY.

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USPA Nationwide Security provides bodyguards, armed security officers, and security guards for hire in New York City. We also offer Fire Watch service on an emergency and preplanned basis. USPA International Security is licensed, bonded and insured to operate in the state of New York, and New York City. USPA Security is a leading global security guard company with guards protecting businesses in more than 15 countries. Since 2004, USPA International Security has been trusted advisors and security guard providers to some of the world’s foremost organizations. USPA International Security is a privately held security guard company committed to helping clients achieve peace of mind in NYC.

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