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Security Guard Services Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Security Guard Services Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is headquarters to several industries including the Brazilian oil, mining, and telecommunications companies, including two of the country’s major corporations and Latin America’s largest Telemedia conglomerate. The city is also home to many universities and institutes, it is the second-largest center of research and development in Brazil. Owing to such vast economic and social setup, businesses in the city in need of the security guard services can rely on USPA Nationwide Services to furnish them with qualified security guards, verified personal bodyguards, executive protection agents and other security management solutions for their business premises, as well as staff and executives.

Armed Security Guard Company Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

USPA Nationwide Security is working meticulously globally to provide security solutions on a vast scale. Our Rio de Janeiro Security services are no different. We provide armed security guards who are trained, vigilant, and skilled in rapidly responding to crises and finding the pathways and critical infrastructure security solutions in times of disasters whether natural or man-made. We work with the local municipalities and businesses to provide valuable security services to businesses and individuals based in Rio de Janeiro.

Fire Watch Service Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fire watch services are among the mandatary security checks performed regularly by businesses to keep their infrastructure fireproof. USPA Nationwide Security provides expert firewatch services in Rio de Janeiro protecting the buildings and residential areas in the city secure and safe against fire incidents. We also offer fireguard services and emergency response to fire incidents.

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