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UPDATE: Caitlyn Case Search Intensifies as USPA’s Kingsman Join Efforts to Find the Missing Girl

USPA Nationwide Security posted a $5000 Reward in Caitlyn Case Missing Efforts; Activates Kidnap Recovery & Missing Persons Units

Caitlyn Case Missing
Written By: Albina Beici
USPA Nationwide Security posted a $5000 Reward in Caitlyn Case Missing Efforts; Activates Kidnap Recovery & Missing Persons Units

PARIS, TX – In a bid to aid the ongoing search for Caitlyn Case, USPA is offering a reward of $5000 for any information that leads to her discovery. This is in addition to any rewards already posted.

Caitlyn Case has been missing since August 5, 2022. Her sudden disappearance has left her friends, family, and the entire community deeply concerned. Recognizing the urgency of the situation and the need for collective action, we are taking this opportunity to contribute to the search efforts by offering a reward for any information that can help locate Caitlyn as well as activating our teams to work on the case.

USPA Nationwide Security understands that the power of collaboration and the collective efforts of a community can significantly impact the outcome of missing person cases. By offering a substantial reward of $5000, the firm aims to encourage individuals to come forward with any information that could provide vital leads or assist in the search for Caitlyn Case.

Dan Manning, USPA Nationwide Security’s CEO stated, “Our firm’s extensive experience in locating missing women and children over two decades empowers us to contribute meaningfully to the search efforts, utilizing resources and expertise to aid in the resolution of Caitlyn Case’s disappearance,”

In addition, USPA is committed to supporting local law enforcement agencies and engaging the community in a united effort to locate Caitlyn Case. They will activate and involve members of their elite (nonprofit) Kingsman unit – former Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Intelligence Agents, Marines and former Law Enforcement Officers. Their team of highly trained professionals stand ready to assist authorities in any capacity necessary to ensure a thorough investigation and a swift resolution.

USPA Nationwide Security urges anyone with information regarding Caitlyn Case’s whereabouts to come forward and provide their valuable insights. No piece of information is too small or insignificant, as even the tiniest detail could be the missing puzzle piece that leads to her safe return.

People are encouraged to contact the dedicated tip line established by USPA at 786-509-7135 or email with any information they may have. All tips received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

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