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[FOUND] USPA locates missing 13-year-old girl, Ashlynn Gill

UPDATE: 02/10/2023: Ashlynn has been found. (read about it here)

Original Article:

There has been no sign of Ashlynn Gill since January 8 and she has not been seen since then. USPA Nationwide Security has dispatched former JSOC contractors who are specialized in finding missing children.

USPA Nationwide Security has deployed the Kingsman Division, the non-profit arm of the company, to locate Ashlynn Gill, who has been missing for more than a month. Ashlynn stands five feet five inches tall, weighs 100 pounds, has brown hair and brown eyes, and is 13 years old.

The location of Ashlynn may be in New Bedford, Concord, Plymouth or North Attleborough, Massachusetts.

A former member of SEAL Team 6 and a former Army Ranger are among those who are leading the investigation and search in Massachusetts. A team of Kidnap Recovery Agents is managed by Michael Evans, the founder and former police officer. USPA’s Director of Intelligence, retired Military Intelligence Special Agent Adam White, oversees the HUMINT team in the command center. The investigation team is led by retired Marine officer Brian Fitzgibbons. In charge of the entire operation is USPA’s CEO, Daniel Manning.

Kingsman has advertised Ashlynn Gill’s safe return as a reward.

“I’ve just arrived in New Bedford, where I will muster my team. We won’t be leaving until she is home” said Rodney Brown, 16-year Navy SEAL and contractor for USPA’s Kingsman Division.

A fitness competitor, Danielle Dittmeier, is assisting Kingsman on the social media side of the campaign to promote Ashlynn’s missing status.

The non-profit division of USPA, Kingsman Philanthropic Corp., is offering a cash reward for information leading to Ashlynn Gill’s location. To submit a tip, please call (786) 509-7135 or send an email to In order to locate victims of human trafficking and other egregious crimes against women, Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. employs security contractors, licensed private investigators, former detectives, special agents, and experienced military operators. Its main source of funding comes from donations derived from a profit-sharing agreement with its parent organization, USPA Nationwide Security.


Kingsman Philanthropic Corporation

The Kingsman Philanthropic Corp was formed to assist victims of human trafficking, missing children, and crimes against women. It also provides basic necessities for women who are recovering from abusive relationships. Kingsman is the non-profit wing of USPA Nationwide Security.

Michael Evans, the former CEO of USPA who grew up in an abusive environment, founded the organization. In 2005, he founded the organization to provide assistance to battered women. In addition to human trafficking recovery cases, missing persons cases, and kidnapping cases, the program is free of charge for women and children.

It is comprised of military veterans, former special operators, retired and active law enforcement officers, private detectives, and volunteers. These organizations provide basic necessities to women who are in abusive relationships, as well as rescue abducted victims of human trafficking. Additionally, the organization provides close protection services for children.

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