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Warehouse Security Services 

USPA International Security has a proven record of protecting warehouse and logistic companies since 2005. We understand the business of guarding large depots, logistics facilities, and providing the following (verifiable) services to national logistics companies:

Manned Security Services:

Unarmed (uniformed) Security Officers: Our entry level security officers provide, not only a visible deterrent for potential criminal activity, both in-house and from outside threats, they also are utilized to:

1. Access control:  Security officers on their assigned posts control who enters your property. We achieve this with our proven methods of identifying employees, contractors, salespeople, customers and applicants and communicating with the proper personnel for further direction.

2. Employee Screening: Our Security Officers are able to screen employees entering the buildings, and employees (and other people) leaving the buildings. We check for weapons, indicators of intoxication, and unauthorized persons entering your facilities. One the way out, we check for hidden/stolen merchandise and log employees out during non-break times to report the stealing of company time.

3. Armed Guards: In the warehouses we secure, our armed warehouse security guards are tasked with securing cash deposits, checking in trucks, providing armed security for cash rooms (counting rooms) working closely with armored car guards and armored trucks to deposit cash deposits. Armed Security Guards are also on site to respond to incidents, such as possible active shooter situations. Our armed security guards receive 47 hours of firearms training – initially and re-qualify with their firearms yearly. 

4. Truck Seals and GPS Tracking: Our security guards seal trucks traveling from our depots and log the seal numbers. This enables us to accurately monitor whether or not the truck doors have remained closed during a trip. Our GPS monitoring tracks the drivers enroute, including stops, speed and other indicators. 

5. Customer Service Guards: Our customer service security officers (security greeters) wear a blazer, khaki pants and an identification badge. They are the first line of defense in access control to the corporate entrance as well as taking on duties to: 

a. Screen visitors and issue visitor badges, maintain a visitor log

b. Screen applicants and distribute paperwork

c. Screen incoming mail

d. Monitor CCTV and maintains camera logs for review (30 days at a time)

e. Provide security presence in the lobby

f. Communicate as a dispatcher with security officers and armed guards

6. Shift Supervisors: Our shift supervisors (supervisory security officers) are usually armed security officers, assigned to oversee the particular shift they manage. Duties include acting as a decision maker when incidents occur on their shift. Similar to a police sergeant on the street, shift supervisors are responsible for the security officers on their shift. Including scheduling, sick calls, injuries and emergency response.

7. Site Supervisors: Our site supervisors are usually armed security officers, responsible for the day to day operations of our security service at a particular site. They manage shift supervisors and security personnel. Site supervisors are responsible for maintaining payroll, managing overtime, scheduling security officers as hiring as hiring. Site supervisors communicate directly with our area security managers, account executives and board of directors as well as deal directly with our client’s upper management to maintain open lines of communication and change orders as needed.

8. FCRA Compliant Pre-employment Background Checks: We have been providing fast turnaround, FCRA compliant background investigations in high volume since 2005. We provide a 1-day turnaround in most states on: criminal checks, driver license abstracts, credit checks, social security verification, address checks. All of our background check services are FCRA compliant and we are audited yearly. Our methods change as the landscape of background checks change (which happens several times a year).

9.Experienced Interviewers: We have been successfully providing skilled interviews for matters such as employee theft, internal robberies, external criminal activity, pre-employment interviews, exit interviews, statement taking, recorded statement taking, testimony in union hearings and assistance with criminal cases. We also assist with sexual harassment case handling, including interviews and recommendations.

We never charge for overtime. Period. Our scheduling situations are on us. If our guards need to work overtime to cover sick calls, jury duty, security staffing shortages, that’s on us. It’s clearly written in our agreements that we do not charge overtime – ever.

Of course, we can easily provide you with a quote today, but we can also provide real references of our capabilities. Call us at (800) 214-1448 and ask for Sondae Esposito (our Vice President) and see what USPA International or USPA Nationwide Security can do for your warehouse or logistical facility.

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USPA Nationwide Security provides integrated security services for warehouses and logistic businesses that include distribution warehouses, fulfillment centers, public warehousing, comprehensive transportation, material handling companies, supply chain firms —all engineered for a safe a secure working environment. Since 2005, USPA Nationwide Security has built lasting relationships with warehouse and logistics companies from New York to Florida and west to California and everywhere in between. Our warehouse security officer service provides armed security guards for warehouses, unarmed security officers, access control, mobile patrol, CCTV monitoring, truck seal management GPS tracking, employee screening and logistic company customer service security officers (security greeters) for warehouses and logistic companies.