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Hot Work Firewatch Guards
Fire Watch Service Jersey City, NJ

Fire Watch Service Jersey City, NJ

JUNE 12, 2021 // Jersey City, NJ – Firewatch Service Jersey City, NJ

USPA offers fire watch services across NJ, including Jersey City, New Jersey. Private firewatch security guards come in handy to come into action in time. They can handle unforeseen emergencies and act professionally and systematically to secure lives and assets.

USPA New Jersey brings decades of security business experience, references and three decades of law enforcement and security management to provide supreme security services across New Jersey.

Hot Work Fire Watch Jersey City, NJ

USPA New Jersey Fire Watch division is staffed off duty NJ Fire Fighters and qualified Fire Watch Service who are always vigilant and, on their toes, to tackle last minute fire watch needs. Whether keeping a guard of your small business in Jersey City, NJ, protecting a valuable asset, hiring our specialized fire watch security guards allows businesses to stay open when smoke detectors and fire suppression systems are down.

Professional Security Guards at a Call

USPA has an emergency response center to dispatch security guards within an hour. We are a comprehensive security guard company offering our quality services across New Jersey.

Call (800) 214-1448 for immediate dispatch or get a quick quote for excellent fire watch services in Jersey City, NJ.