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Fire Watch Service Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Emergency Fire Watch Service Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The sixth most populous city, Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. Like all big cities, Philadelphia has greater security needs as well. Like in all big cities, a major security risk posed to the 1,584,064 people living in Philadelphia is of the fire outbreaks. Avoiding such incidents is necessary to save the loss of life and property.

USPA Nationwide Security’s Philly division is well-equipped and vigilant. We hire only the trained personnel to fulfill the fire watch security services skillfully. As a member in good standing of the National Fire Prevention Association, our fire guards in Philadelphia are all certified and insurance covered as well as fire marshal approved in Philadelphia like in the rest of the States.

Fire Guard Services Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Firewatch Guards)

Our fire guards are trained to provide the essential firewatch services across Philadelphia as per the requirement of building codes or fire marshal orders or mitigating fire damage in case of disasters.

USPA is proud to have employed over 1800 licensed fire guards and fire safety directors all over the country, which is why we can arrive at your location anywhere in Philadelphia within 60 minutes or less.

Hot Work Fire Watch Service Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

USPA fire guards provide the hot work fire watch service and welding fire watch service in Philly. Recently, USPA Nationwide Security was awarded a national contract to appoint 300 fire watch security guards across the country and various municipal contracts in cities at the risk of civil unrest to protect commercial and personal properties against probable fire damage.

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