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Fire Watch Services

USPA is the leading provider of fire watch guard services performed throughout the United States and abroad. We believe the essential obligation of every security guard on fire watch can be broken down into 5 important steps:

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Remaining alert and active on patrol are key ingredients to a successful fire watch. We understand every second counts, so we instruct our guards to patrol the premises every 15 minutes.


Sound the Alarm

During patrol if we detect fire, see or smell smoke we immediately sound the alarm alerting others to the potential dangers. If there is no alarm on the premises our guards are instructed to quickly inform and ask that everyone leave the hazardous area.



Our guards are in constant contact with our 24/7 dispatching unit. Within seconds from receiving the call we dispatch the police and fire department to the scene.


Help & Assist

Once the fire department and police officers reach the scene our job is to guide them to the fire and assist with anything they may need.


Report Writing

Documenting the incident accurately is very important and helpful to both the client and the police investigator. Our guards provide detailed reports of the incident from start to finish. Those reports are uploaded daily and shared.


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San Francisco Has A History Of Fires! Don’t Take Chances With Your Property.
San Francisco has had more than its share of fire incidents in a time spanning more than a century back. Add into that, the usual problems that emergency services have to face when responding to a fire call. Late alerting and heavy traffic can cause the fire to spread over and become a huge flaming monster.

Not a very pleasant scenario. And that’s how some of the major fires spanning multiple blocks and sections of cities have taken place. Notably, the fire of London in the 16th century.

Nip It In The Bud, Before It Gets Out Of Hand

Reports by fire safety directors San Francisco have shown that in case of almost every fire, the fire is in a stage where it can be easily contained and extinguished. However, it is due to the late response that the fire finally finds more oxygen and space to spread. And that is when the real destruction begins.

So why nobody does anything when the fire is at its nascent stage? That's because there is no personnel like fireguards to keep a check on emergent fires and to act promptly.

San Francisco Is Big And So Is The Emergency Response Time

A city like San Francisco is spread over a large area and is almost tightly packed with buildings and roads spanning over the city. This makes it difficult for firefighters and emergency services to reach the spot where the fire is laying havoc.

A major part of this delay is also played by the fact that detection of the fire and alarming the firefighters aren't done promptly since not every business can afford some fancy AI-driven anti-fire system. The only thing that can stop this fire-led destruction from being born is a human presence in the vicinity. This is where the role of fire watch guards comes into play.

How To Professional Fire Watch Services San Francisco Work?

Fire watch services can prove to be instrumental in not only preventing fires from expanding, but also in documenting the whole incident so as to prevent any future fire from taking place.

Fire guards and fire safety directors San Francisco are at the core of preventing these fires from spreading. So, let’s take a look at how they function.

1. Fire marshals or fireguards San Francisco patrol your property/business/godowns/factory and stay alert to keep a check on any possible signs of fire in their vicinity. Any sign, any smell of something burning or seeing a spark near electrical installations, and they set out to prevent it.

2. Meanwhile, they will also make an emergency call to their main disaster management center to their fire safety directors who will, in turn, call the emergency services.

3. When the emergency services arrive, the fire safety guards will help the firefighters in directing them to the place and also assist them in extinguishing the fire.

Hiring a fire watch agency in San Francisco to safeguard your property is totally worth the money.