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Fire Watch Service Erie, Pennsylvania


Fire Watch Service Erie, Pennsylvania

Fires are a danger in any business. Fire watch services protect your employees and property from fire damage, as well as liability issues if someone gets hurt or killed by a fire.

The problem with most fire watch companies is that they don’t provide the right level of service for businesses like yours. They either don’t have enough guards to cover all areas, or they charge you extra fees for what should be included in the price of their services.

USPA Nationwide Fire Watch Company is different than other security guard companies because we offer full-featured protection at affordable prices! Our 24/7 monitoring center will dispatch an onsite guard within minutes after receiving your call, whether it’s day or night. We also provide access control systems so you can monitor who comes and goes throughout your facility! Call (800) 214-1448 today to learn more about our top-rated fire watch services!

Firewatch Services Erie PA  

Fire safety is a big concern for businesses of all sizes.

A fire can destroy everything, and nobody wants that to happen. When you’re not able to be onsite, your business could still suffer severe damage or even total destruction.

Fire Guard Service Erie

USPA Nationwide Fire Watch Company is the leader in providing 24-hour fire watch services nationwide for businesses who are unable to have their own security team working overnight hours. Our professional guards are trained and licensed by state government agencies, which means they’ve passed criminal background checks and drug testing as well as having completed an extensive training program focused on customer service skills including conflict resolution techniques. They’ll patrol your property at night making sure it’s safe from intruders while also being ready should any kind of emergency arise so they can alert the authorities immediately if need be.

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