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Security Guard Services Ibiza, Spain

Security Guard Services Ibiza, Spain

Make partying – more fun; relax your mind with USPA security in Ibiza.

This divine Mediterranean island attracts some 6 million tourists every year which means the cash flow is higher than in most cities. USPA provides expert Security Guard Services in Ibiza, Spain. Our wide range of services includes provision of qualified bodyguards for close protection service in Ibiza, highly secure armored vehicles and executive transportation service with security escort for tourists and residents alike, Security guard services for building security, regular and one-time watchmen services for Ibiza tourist attractions and expert security management solutions for Event security, public gatherings security and premises security for all the dancing so that your Ibiza vacation is much more relaxed, fun and truly magical.

Armed Security Guard Company Ibiza, Spain

USPA provides professionally trained armed security services, licensed and certified armed security guards with extensive experience of working on high-risk security details to give you the best value for your money. We also have the edge of networking with local government and municipalities to effectively provide pathfinding services and critical infrastructure security against natural and man-made disasters, unrest, criminal activities, and other hazards.

Fire Watch Service Ibiza, Spain

USPA operates an effective Firewatch Division in Ibiza, having a well-staffed call center with a backup call system to never miss an alert. Our firemen are all fire marshal approved and insurance company approved to perform hot work, fire watch, and emergency fireguard services. USPA has an adequately staffed Firewatch service in Ibiza that can be on-site in less than 30 minutes.

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